LaserJet Font and IPDS Emulation solutions

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LaserJet Font and IPDS emulation solutions


Depend on HP LaserJet Font Solutions to print barcodes, customized checks and signatures, branded marketing documents–even IBM IPDS data streams–all directly from an HP LaserJet printer. Use barcodes for easy inventory or shipment tracking, and keep check routing numbers and signatures secure. Build consistent brand identity with protected logos and images.


Boost versatility–print a wide variety of fonts.
•  Print barcodes that can be used to better manage inventory, monitor sales and keep track of business forms.
•  Produce checks with digital signatures, plus add customized logos to checks and other branded business documents.
•  Get more from your printer–print IBM IPDS data streams and everyday business documents from the same machine.
Create consistent, customized business materials.
•  Customize barcodes for several different management uses and scale them to almost any size you need.
•  Print checks with custom signatures and uniform logos, and use the same brand identity to create marketing materials.
•  Produce consistent reports from IBM IPDS data streams generated by AS/400–i series IBM power– and mainframe–systems.
Create specialized print materials in-house.
•  Manage your business with confidence–control and track products and business forms with barcodes.
•  Count on a secure check printing solution when you print fixed routing numbers and signatures from the office.
•  Build a consistent brand identity. Use custom logos and images in all your printed marketing materials.
For additional information about HP LaserJet Font solutions, call 661-257-5571 between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm ET.