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Special offers – From low-rate financing to a 90-day bill-me later option, HP has several offers to give your budget the boost it needs. See our current offers.
Total solution financing – Combine hardware, software, and services into one lease with a single low monthly payment.
Live support – Our Rapid Response Center is available 8am to 8pm ET Monday through Friday to help you with all your financing needs.
No paperwork – Complete an easy 1-page online application and get approval within minutes.
Flexible terms – With terms up to 60 months, a lease solution allows you to do more while spending less.
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Frequently asked questions

Q.  Is leasing right for smaller businesses?
A.  No matter the business size, companies can benefit from leasing. Leasing or financing is a perfect choice for businesses that:
•  Need to update their technology, but do not have the cash to buy it outright.
•  Need to preserve cash for other business needs.
•  Want one-stop financing of hardware, software and services, plus the convenience of a single monthly payment.
•  Would like to refresh their IT technology on a regular schedule to help prevent obsolescence and disruptions in work flow.
•  Need to dispose of old computers, servers or other IT equipment safely, securely and with the least impact on the environment but do not posses the core competencies to do so.
•  Would like to write off their IT spending every month.
Q.  Are there benefits to leasing other than financial?
A.  Yes. Leasing can help expedite equipment replacement and modernization creating a positive impact across all aspects of a business. Additionally, most lease arrangements free business owner's from worrying about technology end-of-life disposition issues, including environmental considerations, data security and destruction, and compliance with ever-changing disposition laws. These become the responsibility of HP Financial Services.
Q.  Do I need to submit any financial statements or other documentation along with my lease application?
A.  In most cases, you don't need to submit any additional information for transactions under $75,000. For transactions greater than $75,000, HP Financial Services requires your most recent two years' financial statements (preferably audited), and an interim statement if the last annual statement is more than six months old. Some customers, especially new businesses less than two years old, may be asked for a principal's personal guarantee.
Q.  Do I need to provide insurance on my leased equipment?
A.  Yes, you need to provide HP Financial Services with proof of insurance (naming HP Financial Services as "loss payee"). You can easily arrange the necessary coverage through your current insurance provider. If you don't provide proof of insurance, a monthly risk fee will be assessed on your invoice.
Q.  When do my lease payments start?
A.  Your lease will commence the day you receive your equipment. You'll receive your first invoice shortly thereafter, and your first payment is due 30 days after lease commencement.
Q.  Can I move my leased equipment?
A.  Yes, you can move any HP Financial Services leased equipment anywhere in the United States. You must notify us about each move by calling 1-888-277-5942.
Q.  Can I add to my existing lease when I need more equipment?
A.  Yes, you can add onto your existing lease at any time during your lease term quickly and easily. We'll simply recalculate your lease payments to include the new equipment (your lease term will remain the same, only your payment amount will change).
Q.  What can be included in my HP Financial Services lease?
A.  HP Financial Services finances every product and service HP offers. We will also include the costs of shipping, installation, taxes, services (provided by either HP or an Authorized HP Reseller), and other manufacturers' equipment in your lease.
Q.  Does leasing affect my HP warranties?
A.  No, all the same warranties apply whether you buy or lease your equipment.
Q.  Can I cancel my lease?
A.  No, a lease is, by design, a non-cancelable contract, and you're responsible for all payments throughout the course of the lease term.
Q.  What is the "fair market value" of my equipment going to be, and how is it calculated?
A.  The fair market value is defined as the price for which the equipment could be sold or rented in a transaction between unrelated parties, so it's purely "market driven" and therefore can't be set in advance. Per IRS guidelines, if the end-of-lease purchase price were guaranteed up front, your monthly payments would not be fully tax deductible.
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