Test Drive the HP ThinPro

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Test Drive the HP ThinPro

Take the HP ThinPro for a Test Drive

Does your thin client set up and deployment put the brakes on your desktop rollouts? If you're tired of slow and laborious processes, take HP ThinPro for a spin with our Test Drive virtual demonstration.
The HP ThinPro Test Drive is a risk-free way to experience the simplicity and rich features provided by the HP ThinPro operating system on HP thin clients – right on your desktop or notebook PC.
Simply download the Test Drive plug-in and VMware Player, and your existing PC will be transformed into the HP ThinPro user experience with access to HP Easy Tools, HP's quick and easy wizard-based setup and configuration tool for thin clients, and the simplicity of thin computing as only HP can deliver.

Get on the road to thin client simplicity with the HP ThinPro Test Drive today!

1.  Download the VMware Player.
2.  Download the HP ThinPro Test Drive (237 MB).
3.  Unpack the file
4.  Import the HP ThinPro Test Drive into VMplayer
5.  Run the HP ThinPro Test Drive in VMware Player


RDesktop 1.6 (RDP 6 Client)
ICA 11.16 Client
View 4.0.1 Agent
Loal Web Browser with Sun Java and ePDFview
Connection Manager (default UI view), Control Panel, and System Information user interface (UI) layers
Easy Config Setup Wizard to guide administrators through the process of establishing essential settings (establishing administrative password, language settings, keyboard localizations, printer settings, display settings, etc.), creating connections to server-hosted resources (ICA, RDP, View, etc.), and customizing the user experience (kiosk style UI options for single-purpose usage)
HP ThinPro Configuration Tool to further customize the user experience, establish user permissions, secure local resources, and define UI behavior
Local ThinPrint service and local print manager
Local Preferences: display, keyboard, mouse, and sound
Network Manager for wired, wireless, and VPN network support
Personalization (custom boot logo, desktop background, UI behavior)
Device Management:
º  HP ThinState Capture and Deploy
º  HP ezUpdate/Stateless
º  VNC Shadow enablement
º  Factory and Corporate (Saved) reset service
Advanced Settings:
º  Citrix Desktop Appliance (CDA) mode


Chinese (PRC Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Spanish, US English


Require VMware Player 3.0.1 http://www.vmware.com/products/player/
For VMware Player hardware and software requirements, please contact VMware. http://www.vmware.com/support/contacts/