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Leased line HDLC connections between IOS routers

This technical document describes how to connect two IOS Routers over a high-level data link control line. An example of two IOS routers connected together are shown below:

Example of two IOS routers connected together

If you want a similar connection between IOS routers, follow these three steps to connect them over HDLC:

1) Configure the routers with these settings:

  • IP routing
  • IGRP routing protocol
  • Telnet access allowed
  • SNMP with read only access
  • Interface Serial 0 (S0) is configured for Cisco's HDLC protocol

2) Change the following items in order to use the provided files at the end of this file:

  • Hostnames
  • Passwords:
    • secret
    • enable
    • virtual terminal (vty)
  • IGRP autonomous system number
  • IP address on interface Ethernet 0 (E0) or VG-AnyLAN0 (V0)
  • IP addresses on interface Serial 0 (S0)
  • community string if it is not "public"

3) Configure Your IOS Routers

Decide which router is to be "Router A" and which one is "Router B". (This choice is arbitrary.) After the IOS routers boot up for the first time, use the initial System Configuration Dialog to configure as much of the IOS routers as possible. Then modify the router files:

a) Modify Router A's IOS router file to have this configuration: Router A Configuration File
b) Modify Router B's IOS router file to have this configuration: Router B Configuration File

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