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Configuring the Daylight Time Rule

ProCurve switches may be configured to automatically adjust the system clock for Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes. However, the pre-defined setting for the Continental US conforms to the rules in effect before 2007. To configure the switch to conform to the new rules in effect for 2007, use one of the following methods. ProCurve recommends that you use the supplied dates so that DST is set correctly in the future.

Note: If you make the changes below and then later load a software version that supports the new DST rules, you do not need to alter your existing configuration. The switch operates correctly.


  1. Disable the "clock summer-time" command if it is in your config.

    To remove it, type "no clock summer-time" command in config mode.

    The "clock summer-time" automatically activates Daylight saving time on April 1 and deactivates it on October 28. (in the US for 2007 and beyond, these dates are no longer correct)

  2. Set the time and date manually using the following command:
    #clock set hh:mm:ss mm-dd-yyyy

  3. Set the timezone:
    For example:
    (config): clock timezone us pacific
    (config): clock timezone gmt gmt+00

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