Security>Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard

Use the Setup Wizard to configure device passwords, manager and operator access read/write permissions, and access protocols supported by the switch. These security settings prevent unauthorized access to the switch

  1. If you would like the wizard to include multiple windows with step-by-step instructions and descriptions, select Typical.


To exclude instructions and descriptions and display all security settings in one window, select Advanced.

  1. Click Next.

If you selected Typical:

  1. Follow the instructions on the each window of the wizard, clicking Next to advance to the next window.

Operator Password

Manager Password




Web Management

USB Autorun

Telnet/SSH session timeout

At each window, you have the following options:

  1. Review your entries on the Management Interface Setup summary window and correct any errors.

  2. Click Apply to save your changes.

If you selected Advanced:

  1. On the Management Interface Setup window of the wizard, enter the security settings you want to configure. Remember the following when configuring security settings, which are the same settings that are configured in a Typical setup.

  2. If a manager or operator password is configured, you cannot select USB Autorun.

  3. MIB variables are read only when SNMPv2 Community Access Level is Restricted, and MIB variables can be configured when SNMPv2 Community Access Level is Unrestricted.

  4. To disable Telnet/SSH session timeouts, set the timeout to zero (0).

  1. Click Apply to save your changes.

Operating Notes and Restrictions