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About GVRP

The GVRP is an IEEE 802.1Q-compliant method for facilitating automatic (dynamic) VLAN membership configuration. GVRP-enabled switches can exchange VLAN configuration information with other GVRP-enabled switches.

Policy rules or other network management methods can determine who is admitted to a VLAN. When a node requests admission to a specific VLAN, GVRP handles the registration of the node with GVRP-enabled switches and maintains that information. 

GVRP reduces the chance of errors in VLAN configuration by automatically providing VLAN ID (VID) consistency across the network. In addition, you can use GVRP to dynamically enable port membership in static VLANs configured on a switch. Once GVRP creates a dynamic VLAN, you can use the CLI to convert it to a static VLAN. GVRP can also reduce unnecessary broadcast traffic and unicast traffic.

The GVRP protocol is described in the IEEE 802.1p standard. For a more detailed description of how to use and configure GVRPs, refer to GVRP Operating Notes and the Management and Configuration Guide or Advanced Traffic Management Guide for your switch.

To enable or disable GVRP:

  1. To enable GVRP, if the GVRP Enabled checkbox is not checked, click the checkbox.

  2. To disable GVRP, if the GVRP Enabled checkbox is checked, click the checkbox.

  3. If the GVRP Enabled check box is checked, GVRP is enabled and the GVRP Mode button is active.

To change the GVRP mode:

  1. Ensure the GVRP Enabled checkbox is checked.

  1. Click GVRP Mode.

  2. In the GVRP Mode window, select the port(s) for which you want to assign a different GVRP mode or click Select All to select all ports.

  3. In the Select Mode drop-down list, select a mode:


Disables GVRP for the port.


Port joins the advertised VLAN and propagates a VLAN join request through all other forwarding ports that are participating in GVRP.


Blocks GVRP for the port. The port cannot join the advertised VLAN or propagate any VLAN joins for the advertised VLAN.

  1. Click Apply to save your changes and return to the VLAN Configuration window.

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