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"David Packard believed in the individual, and in the government; and saw the good in each. He gave without hope of return to improve the quality of our government and the quality of life for individuals. He loved our country and our state, and he helped each immeasurably. Now he joins Lucile to live forever in the hearts of those whose lives they each touched so deeply."

Tom Campbell
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
15th District of California
March 26, 1996


"On behalf of the Board of Directors and employees of the Chevron Corporation, to the Packard family, I extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathy on the loss of David Packard.

"Dave was a man of remarkable talents who, together with his wife Lucile, gave so much in so many ways to their country, community and to those in need.

"He excelled, served and contributed in every aspect of his life and career and we at Chevron were proud to have known him and benefitted tremendously from his tenure on our Board.

"He was a giant among men and we shall all miss him."

Ken Derr
Chairman of the Board
Chevron Corporation
March 27, 1996


"David Packard served as a director of Caterpillar during some of the best of times and some of the worst of times for the company. His confidence in and advice to the company never wavered. His personal interest in the success of Caterpillar remained high after he left the board. When I visited with Dave only a few months ago, we spent most of our time examining his Caterpillar machines and discussing Caterpillar's organization and product plans.

"The nation has lost a giant whom we, at Caterpillar, were privileged to know and work with for over 20 years."

Donald V. Fites
Chairman of the Board
Caterpillar Inc.
March 26, 1996


"David Packard was a giant in many, many areas — education, industry, public service and family. A man with unquestioned integrity and character. His contributions to a better America are an insipiration for all who might follow. Betty and I have lost a wonderful friend who will be badly missed by all Americans who had contact with this superb individual."

Gerald R. Ford
former U.S. President
March 26, 1996


"David Packard was role model in every way. He was a pioneer in the information revolution. He was execeptionally skilled as a government official. He was a wise philanthropist and had great interest and expertise in the environment. He was a true citizen of this world."

Katherine Graham
Chairman of the Executive Committee
The Washington Post Company
March 26, 1996


"Pete and I loved David. He was funny and kind and warm and generous. And he was so smart. He was a wonderful friend — caring, concerned. Our only comfort is that he's joined Lucile so he must be very happy. But we will miss him terribly."

Beverly Sills Greenough
Coloratura Soprano
Chairman, Lincoln Center

March 26, 1996


"After leading the company for over 50 years, his death is a loss to the company and the country that he loved so well.

"I will not attempt to list all of his accomplishments and awards. As far as the company is concerned, the greatest thing that he left behind him was a code of ethics known as the HP Way. That will serve to guide the company in the years to come. We have a superb management team that has received national recognition and this loss will not have any direct effect on the company.

"To those of us who knew him, he will always be Dave.

"Our hearts and sympathy are with his family."

Bill Hewlett
Hewlett-Packard Company
March 26, 1996


(English translation)
"Shocked and grieved to learn the passing away of the company's Chairman of the Board Mr. David Packard. "Mr. David Packard devoted all his lifetime to the research and development of high technology, and thus won worldwide acknowledgement. He is also an old friend of the Chinese peoples, having made great endeavors and important contributions to the cooperation and development in the field of economy and technology between China and America for many years. "Respectfully on behalf of the Chinese Government and in the name of myself, I wish to convey profound condolences to HP Company. And please extend our cordial sympathy to Mr. David Packard's family relatives."

Zou Jiahua
Vice Premier of the State Council
March 27, 1996


"Dave Packard was one of the outstanding public servants I have met, a great patriot, a man of total integrity and a warm friend."

Henry Kissinger
former U.S. Secretary of State
March 26, 1996


"A giant of a man in every way, David Packard helped me in the '50s as a young congressman when I was ranking member of health, education, welfare and labor developing the university programs for NIH (National Institutes of Health), health and education research. "He helped me as my deputy while I was serving as secretary of defense. "His contributions in both cases were monumental. We established the draft lottery system and created the All Volunteer Service, ending the draft, managed the orderly withdrawl from Vietnam, and organized the Defense Department procurement policies. "His contribution to our nation and the world will be an everlasting memorial to him. "He was a true friend, a great contributor to the best things our nation stands for. We all will be forever in his debt, a true friend for whom I will always have the deepest love."

Melvin Laird
former U.S. Secretary of Defense
March 26, 1996


"I am deeply saddened by the death of David Packard, who was a friend and mentor to me for many years.

"Mr. Packard served as deputy secretary of defense from 1969-1971. He was a giant in industry, in public service and philanthropy.

"He co-founded Hewlett-Packard Company, a company that helped establish the computer industry, and helped the military incorporate computers into it weapons and operations. David Packard and Bill Hewlett created more than a company, they created an industry.

"As deputy secretary of defense under Secretary Melvin Laird, Mr. Packard served in one of the strongest teams ever to run the Defense Department. Their leadership is still a model for enlightened civilian management of the military.

"A decade ago he made another huge and enduring contribution to good government. He chaired the Packard Commission, which recommended a revolution in defense procurement through the application of standard business practices. His recommendations are still being implemented today. They are enabling the military to modernize more quickly at lower cost.

"In everything he undertook, Dave Packard helped change the world for the better."

William J. Perry
U.S. Secretary of Defense
March 26, 1995


"A modest man from Colorado — with his best friend — built a world-class company that employs 105,000 people.

"He turned the blessings of a successful business career into a lifelong campaign to improve the lives of children, support research in science and engineering, protect and conserve nature, and promote the arts.

"Among his many contributions to our company is a set of values, part of the HP Way, which he shared with Bill Hewlett. These values — trust and respect for people, a focus on contribution and quality, a promise to conduct business with uncompromising integrity, a commitment to teamwork and a belief that people need to be flexible and innovative — have been applied in the 102 countries in which HP does business and emulated by companies in Silicon Valley and around the world.

"This unassuming man, when asked to reflect on his greatest achievements upon stepping down as HP chairman in September 1993, simply stated:

'I think you get the most satisfaction in trying to do something useful. After you've done that, you ought to forget about it and do something else. You shouldn't gloat about anything you've done; you ought to keep going and try to find something better to do.'

"We've lost a friend and a great leader who will be missed immensely, but with our eye to the future, we'll do what Dave would want us to do — to build on what he and Bill Hewlett began in 1939."

Lew Platt
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Hewlett-Packard Company
March 26, 1996


"David Packard was a brilliant scientist, an innovative businessman, and an incredibly generous and tolerant human being. He cared deeply about his country and his world and the well being of both was at the center of all of his activities. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him or who was touched by his humanity."

David Rockefeller
Chairman of Rockefeller & Co.
and former chairman of Citicorp.
March 26, 1996


"Dave Packard used his honest and brilliant mind, his strength of character, and his creative instincts to give us extraordinary public service, gifted work as a private citizen and legendary entrepreneurship. He had an immense impact on our society. He could be critical, but always with a constructive purpose. He was a doer who could tell you why and who made decisions that worked. I salute him for his vast accomplishments, I thank him for all he taught me, and I grieve at the loss of this wonderful man."

George P. Shultz
former Secretary of State
March 26, 1996


"The death of David Packard is a great loss for American industry, technology, and for the state and the nation that he served so well for so many years. I was privileged to know him and to see him develop one of the most remarkable careers in California and in American business, and I was the deputy secretary of defense for over three years.

"I am sure that everyone who knew and worked with him as I did shared the enormous admiration and appreciation for his extraordinary talent, his keen analytical mind, and his refusal to be swayed from a path he believed to be the right one for his country.

"It was a very fortunate thing for the United States that David Packard was willing to bring his immense talents to the service of the people."

Casper Weinberger
former Secretary of Defense
March 27, 1996


"I am saddend and grieved to learn the passing away of my old friend Mr. Dave Packard after illness. I wish to express my deep condolences and sincere sympathy to you, and through you, to the bereaved family.

"I made acquanintance with Mr. Packard in 1983. Today I still have fresh memory of my meeting with him then in the United States. We had kept close touch with each other since then. We had cordial discussions last August during Mr. Packard's last visit to China. During his lifetime, Mr. Packard worked to promote Sino-U.S. cooperation in the electronic industry, and the friendship between the Chinese and American people. With his passing away, I've lost a personal friend. His friendly sentiments toward the Chinese people and all he did for enhancing Sino-U.S. relations will be remembered by all of us."

Jiang Zemin
President of the People's Republic of China
March 28, 1996


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