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With over 3,000 companies visiting HP Solution Centers worldwide in a typical year, we've had the opportunity to take many successful implementations to market. Here are just of few of those stories.
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» First American Title Insurance
» The Weather Channel
» Genome Sequencing Center (GSC), Washington University School of Medicine
» CompUSA
» Navitaire
» Continental Airlines
» Center of Piezoelectrics by Design, William & Mary College
» AutoTradeCenter (ATC)

First American Title Insurance

» Case study (PDF: 204 KB)

First american title insurance logo
HP performed a proof of concept for First American Title with the HP Solution Center in Cupertino, California, before implementation of the Superdome servers. To facilitate the transition from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture, consultants from HP Services at the HP Solution Center rebuilt First American Title's FAST database running on the HP Integrity Superdome. Then, to verify functionality, the HP Consulting and Integration staff simulated real-life scenarios of the First American Title production environment. "Using consultants from HP Services and an HP Solution Center to test prior to implementing reduced our risk and decreased deployment time by weeks or even months," said Godec.

The Weather Channel

» Case study (PDF: 148 KB)
The Weather Channel is an industry leader in moving into the more agile and cost-effective world of open standards and commodity technologies. In its latest step, The Weather Channel migrated 40 business-critical Oracle9i databases from proprietary RISC platforms onto HP Integrity* servers based on the powerful Intel® Itanium® 2 processor running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (RAC). Working with the HP Solution Center and Oracle Enterprise Technology Center enabled TWC to shave a month off its deployment schedule and proceed with increased confidence.

Genome Sequencing Center (GSC)

The Genome Sequencing Center (GSC) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is the third largest sequencing center in the world. As a publicly funded center, the more cost-effective it is, the more genomes it can sequence—and the more value it can add.

The Genome Sequencing Center is using the HP Integrity server to apply existing tools to larger genomes without rewriting software. And, the center can thoroughly test models by making multiple dry runs using various parameters, increasing accuracy and adding more value while still meeting deadlines. Taking advantage of the HP Solution Center in Richardson, Texas, one of more than 80 HP Solution Centers around the world, the GSC team was able to securely perform benchmarks and other performance tests on the HP Integrity server. Before purchasing the system, they spent two months pushing the HP server to its limits.

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"The HP Solution Center provided a great resource to benchmark this solution in a secure environment, and the access to HP experts was integral for our success in testing this new architecture."

Doug Gray,
Director of SAP Operations for CompUSA

CompUSA, one of the nation's leading retailers and resellers of technology products and services, seeks to continuously improve its data warehouse performance. CompUSA utilized the HP Solution Center in Cupertino, CA, to perform benchmark tests on HP Integrity servers. Results from the HP Solution Center indicated that HP Integrity servers would improve CompUSA's data warehouse solution substantially. In fact, processes that took 14 hours on their existing architecture take only 33 minutes on an HP Integrity Superdome server.

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"The HP Integrity rx2600 server running Windows completed reservation transactions in a blazingly fast one second, while providing exceptional scalability to meet growing demand for our services. The HP Solution Center provided a great environment for testing this new architecture."

Navitaire's Chief Architect

A pioneer in the ASP industry, Navitaire, Inc. has been providing industry-leading reservations, direct distribution, revenue protection, decision support, and passenger revenue accounting technology to airlines since 1993. Navitaire's customer base consists of more than 40 airlines worldwide, including 10 of the world's 25 largest airlines, as well as a growing base of low-fare and midsize airlines. Through its ASP delivery model, Navitaire offers industry-leading applications with reduced implementation time and risk, operational reliability, and cost-effective fee structures. Navitaire used an HP Solution Center to test a new architecture for these systems, running them on an HP Integrity rx2600, with excellent results.

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Continental Airlines

"Working with HP and its Solution Center experts has helped us maintain a short time to market for our Web site environment changes. Together we can accurately model the response to heavy Internet traffic of any proposed site modification prior to actual deployment. When we do release the changes into production we have the confidence that a new version of the software or a new hardware implementation will positively impact our customers—the risks have been mitigated."

Ron Anderson-Lehman,
Staff Vice President of Systems Development

» Case study (PDF: 140 KB)

Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines is the world's seventh-largest airline with more than 2,300 daily departures to 126 domestic and 101 international destinations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Over the past few years, the volume of Internet-based flight inquiries and bookings has increased dramatically, almost on a daily basis. Continental has had to demand more capacity from its legacy Web site than it could deliver in a timely manner. From 2001 to present, HP has helped Continental refine the Web site infrastructure to continue to service the company's dynamic business requirements in the highly volatile airline travel marketplace. By leveraging new technologies and utilizing the HP Solution Center to emulate heavy Internet traffic, Continental has been able to efficiently load-test proposed configuration enhancements prior to moving into production, thereby avoiding any risk of unpredictable performance under peak conditions.

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Center of Piezoelectrics by Design, William & Mary College

'I found the use of the HP Solution Center invaluable for assessing the new Intel® Itanium® architecture. Having 'hands-on' access to the new machines in a similar environment to our production environment enabled us to give other members of our organization real-world results.'

Michael Barnes,
Systems Administrator,
College of William & Mary

» Case study (PDF: 200 KB)
A consortium of universities and research laboratories has established the Center of Piezoelectrics by Design, based at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and funded by a major grant from the Office of Naval Research. The Center will conduct research into the theoretical prediction and experimental realization of new members of a unique class of materials, piezoelectrics, which convert sound waves into electrical signals, and back. Applications of piezoelectric materials include medical ultrasound devices and naval sonar. Advances in piezoelectric materials could dramatically improve the portability and performance of these and other systems based on transducers, the general term for devices that inter-convert electrical and mechanical energy.

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AutoTradeCenter (ATC)

"Thanks to their (HP-Oracle Competency Center) help, obvious preparation and expertise, we implemented our entire system in only three months — about half as long as it would have taken if we had attempted to do it on our own."

Jorge Borbolla, Chief Information Officer,

» Case study (PDF: 312 KB)
AutoTradeCenter, a leading automotive remarketing company, relies on an e-commerce infrastructure powered by HP ProLiant Servers, HP StorageWorks systems, and HP services, in conjunction with Oracle9i Real Application Clusters software and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 operating system. ”By maintaining an extremely reliable Web site, we established a strong partnership built on trust and performance with our Fortune 500 customers.” HP services leveraged the HP-Oracle Competency Center to implement a ProLiant-based Oracle9i RAC application to run the business-critical AutoTradeCenter application on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 operating system.

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