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Across Japan and Asia Pacific, customers can choose from 26 HP Solution Centers. These centers have specific focus areas designed to meet and exceed any customer requirements for the development and testing of IT solutions in their respective areas. Click here for a complete list of centers in Asia Pacific, and see below for more information on the Tier I site in Tokyo, Japan as well as information about several other regional centers.

HP Solution Center, Tokyo Japan (Tier I)

Focus Areas:
  • Enterprise server and storage solutions
  • Performance benchmarking, capacity planning and proof of concept
  • Capacity planning center (hp9000)
  • Storage integration solutions
  • Intel Itanium2 based HP Integrity solutions
  • HP ProLiant Solutions
  • Data center and utility computing solutions (coming soon)
Available Infrastructure: About 80 servers, including 2 HP Superdomes, HP Integrity servers, HP ProLiant Servers, and HP Blade servers; 74TB raw storage capacity, including XP, EVA and ESL/MSL.

HP Solution Center, Beijing, China (Tier II)

Focus Areas:

  • HP infrastructure solutions
  • HP Linux Lab
  • Performance consulting and escalation

Available Infrastructure: Over 35 servers with total 140 CPUs plus, including two Superdomes (PA-8800, Integrity), ProLiants and Alpha, NSK; Over 23TB of storage capacity including two XP disk arrays.

» Click here to visit the HP Solution Center, China website.

HP Solution Center, Singapore (Tier II)

Focus Areas:

  • Adaptive Enterprise Solutions
  • Application Solutions
  • Adaptive Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Intel Itanium 2 based HP Integrity Solutions

Available Infrastructure: Over 30 servers including HP SuperDome, PA-RISC, HP Integrity, HP ProLiants, Alpha, NSK and 3rd-party SUN/IBM servers; Total of more than 100 processors; over 5TB of storage capacity across XP, EVA and MSA platforms.

HP Solution Center, Sydney, Australia (Tier II)

Focus Areas:

  • Adapative Enterprise Demonstration - IT Infrastructure solutions
  • Virtualisation, Partitioning, Workload Management solutions
  • Porting and Migration - Assisting customers or ISV in software porting & migration activity, especially to Intel Itanium 2 platform

Available Infrastructure: 8 servers including HP SuperDome, HP Integrity, HP9000 and HP ProLiant servers; Architectures include Itanium, PA-RISC, IA-32, x86-64; total of 86 processors; over 5TB of storage capacity across XP, EVA and MSA platforms.

HP Solution Center, Bangalore India - (Tier III)

Focus Areas:

  • Infrastructure solutions (PA-RISC, Intel Itanium 2 based HP Integrity solutions)
  • Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Database Solutions : With focus on Oracle RAC (on Linux & HPUX)
  • Porting and Migration activities (support and infrastructure)

Available Infrastructure: Integrity rx4640, Integrity rx2600, pa-risc rp5430, Alpha ES45 servers ProLiant servers, EVA 5000, MA 8000 storage.

HP Solution Center, Korea (Tier II)

Focus Areas:

  • Performance Benchmark Test
  • Proof-of-concept / Proof-of-scale Test
  • Adaptive Infrastructure solution demo with customer scenario
  • Adaptive Infrastructure solution demo with pre-defined scenario
  • Porting and Migration technical Support
  • Performance Modeling
  • High Availability Modeling

Available Infrastructure: Over 15 servers, including 32way SuperDome (both PA-RISC and IA-64), 32way rp8420, 16way rp8400; Over 30TB of storage, including XP1024 and EVA5000.
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