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HP Solution Center Consultants have many years of benchmarking and proof-of-concept experience, and they are technically knowledgeable about the HP systems. They know how to listen to a customer's specific needs and how to address those unique requirements through the extensive configuration capabilities of HP hardware. This hands-on, full-service approach helps the customer obtain an effective engagement with the HP Solution Centers.

Team approach

The HP Solution Center Consultant coordinates and manages all HP resources needed for an engagement. He or she assists a project team that the customer identifies, and together they form the Engagement Team.

The HP Consultant assists the customer throughout the engagement process. Customer involvement establishes personal accountability for the success of the system and enables the system to meet the needs of the customer's company.

Engagement Process:

Request Submittal
Work with your HP sales representative

Once the engagement request has been received, a Solution Center Program Manager will be in contact with the sales representative to do preliminary investigation about the request. When the details have been determined, a Solution Center location and timeframe are agreed upon and confirmed.

Project Development
The Customer is responsible for defining a test plan and for making sure any necessary resources (i.e., test dataset, scripts, etc.) are available. A Solution Center Consultant can be available to consult in defining these elements.

Hardware/Software Setup
The Solution Center Support Engineer is responsible for preparing a configuration based on previous investigations. This configuration is typically set up by the first day of your scheduled test period.

Test Execution and Tuning
The Solution Center Consultant works with the project team to identify and execute the defined test plan. The system is analyzed to determine if tuning is appropriate, and changes may be made and tests re-executed.

The Customer's Responsibilities
The customer's involvement in the HP engagement process takes several forms. To be successful, The customer will need to provide:

  • Accurate details for the request form
  • Defined objectives of the engagement
  • Test plan (day-by-day account)
  • A project team
  • Non-Disclosure agreement signed
Project Team - the project team should consist of one or more individuals knowledgeable about how their application and environment operates. These people need to be fully dedicated to the entire engagement effort.

Solution Center Responsibilities
The HP Solution Center involvement in the HP engagement process includes:

  • Detailed investigation.
  • One or more fully trained Consultants to assist during the engagement
  • An agreed-upon configuration.
  • Work area equipped with access to their dedicated and isolated
HP and the customer—A Winning Combination

No two configurations are alike. HP Solution Centers help the customer configure the proposed HP systems to best fit their application to its optimum to satisfy their needs.

The customer knows his or her environment better than anyone else. Likewise, nobody knows HP products better than HP Performance Consultants—our areas of expertise make a winning combination. The Performance Program pairs a Solution Center Consultant with the customer's project team to complete a successful engagement. The customer's project team has in-depth knowledge of their company, their applications, and their employees' needs, while the Solution Center Consultant is a specialist who understands HP systems, networks, and performance tuning. Together, this combination of strengths works to meet the challenges the customer faces.
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