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PCI four port Ultra2 SCSI RAID controller information library


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HP Networking & I/O Solutions -- A5856A RAID 4Si

Comprehensive networking & I/O tools for the most demanding mission-critical and enterprise needs

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HP RAID 4Si--PCI four port Ultra2 SCSI RAID Controller delivers high performance mass storage and complete data protection

Need RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) data protection but the more expensive external RAID arrays are out of the budget ballpark? Businesses often find RAID data protection out of financial reach for their low cost server solutions. This is no longer the case with HP's new high performance, low cost internal RAID controller.

Customer benefits  
Low-cost complete RAID solutions. Up to 50% less expensive than comparable external RAID arrays.
High performance. Ultra2 SCSI on 4 ports combines for a total max burst rate of 320MB/s and sustained rates over 200MB/s!
Complete data protection with full hardware RAID.

RAID provides high performance SCSI storage and full data redundancy in case of disk failure.

With the explosive growth of critical computing in both large and small businesses, there has been an ever-increasing need to find better ways of storing and securing large amounts of data. Businesses demand a means of data storage and failure protection that ensures continuance in the event of a failure that would otherwise cripple their mission-critical applications.

The basic idea of RAID is to combine multiple small, inexpensive disks into an array that appears as a single logical storage unit or drive. The data is distributed across the disks in order to provide a method for data recovery or reconstruction in the event of a drive failure.

The HP RAID 4Si controller supports a variety of JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks) with hot swap modules and redundant hardware such as bus controllers, power supplies and fans. All this adds up to high performance, low cost storage with data protection and most important, peace of mind!

Application areas

Wherever there is the need for low solution cost, high speed access to large amounts of RAID protected data, the RAID 4Si will perform brilliantly. Market areas include:

  • ISP/E-commerce
  • Application file/print
  • OLTP
  • Data warehousing / DSS
  • Data analysis and simulation
  • System consolidation
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
A5856A RAID 4Si  
Features Benefits
A5856A RAID 4Si
Four external high speed Ultra2 SCSI Ports
  • Leading SCSI technology. Ultra2 delivers a max burst data rate of 80MB/s per channel for a total of 320MB/s. Sustained Data Rates over 200MB/s!
  • High Density: Saves valuable PCI slots by combining multiple SCSI channels onto one PCI card.
Automatic multimode LVD and SE SCSI
  • Compatibility: Operates in Low Voltage Differential (LVD) mode or Single Ended (SE) mode. Wide SE disks can immediately be grouped into a RAID array.
  • Many sites can use their existing infrastructure of disks and JBODs for setting up RAID arrays.
  • Low cost of new LVD/SE disks and JBODs enables overall inexpensive solutions.
64 Bit, 33 MHz PCI (2X PCI)
  • The high performance RAID 4Si drives PCI throughput up to 266 MB/s.
Supports all RAID levels
  • RAID 0,1,3,5,10,30,50
  • Full RAID capabilities and the ultimate flexibility. All combinations of mirroring and striping
  • Set up multiple arrays with multiple RAID levels across all channels
RAID configuration and monitoring tool: Internal RAID Manager (IRM)
  • Easy to understand configuration tool allows everything from completely automatic self configuration to fully manual detailed configuration
Supports hot swapping drives
  • Swap drives without bring the system down
Automatic detection of failed drives with audible alert
  • Automatically alerts when a drive fails
  • Integrates with HP-UX to send "failed drive" messages to console, sys log, and email
Hot Spare Capable
  • The RAID array can be setup with "hot spare" disks for automatic rebuild of failed drives.
Battery backed up 66MHz, 128 MB cache
  • High speed caching for performance SCSI transactions
  • Maintains data for 72 hours during power outage
Intel® i960RN 64-bit Intelligent I/O Processor
  • High performance, flexible I/O RAID processing
  • Off loads the CPU
Customer installable hardware and software
  • Easy customer installation and configuration means less reliance on HP assistance
Long cable lengths
  • Greater flexibility in system configuration
Up to 15 devices in a daisy chain fashion
  • Meets need for large or multiple disk arrays using just one RAID 4Si card
Ordering information  
  • HP RAID 4Si, PCI 4-port Ultra2 SCSI RAID
Option #0D1
  • Fatory Integration
Option #AVN
  • Release Notes

Ordering notes: Supported platforms (max units): rp8400 (16), rp7410 (15), rp7400 (12), rp5400 series (10), rp2400 series (3). Connects to LVD and SE SCSI peripherals only. A SCSI terminator is not included with this card. For factory integration, no factory cabling will be performed unless a SISP2 (A3142B #002) is ordered with a drawing attachment for the physical connections. The RAID configuration tool (IRM) should be used at the customer site to configure the RAID arrays according to the customer specifications (see the RAID 4Si User's Guide).

For More Information

For additional information on this or other HP enterprise networking and I/O solutions, please visit us on the Web at HP 9000 networking, or contact any of our worldwide sales offices or HP Channel Partners. (In the U.S., call 1 800 637 7740.)

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