PCI four port Ultra2 SCSI RAID
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Four external high speed Ultra2 SCSI ports
  • Automatic multimode LVD and SE SCSI
  • 64-Bit, 33MHz PCI(2X PCI)
  • Supports all RAID levels
  • RAID configuration and monitoring tool: Internal RAID Manager(IRM)
  • Supports hot swapping drives
  • Automatic detection of failed drives with audible alert
  • Hot spare capable
  • Battery backed up 66MHz, 128 MB cache
  • Intel® i960 RN 64-bit Intelligent I/O processor
  • Customer installable hardware and software
  • Long cable lengths
  • Up to 60 devices (15 per channel)

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RAID 4Si for HP networking and i/o solutions

HP RAID 4Si(A5856A) combines multiple small, inexpensive disks into an array that appears as a single logical storage unit or drive. The data is distributed across the disks in order to provide a method for data recovery or reconstruction in the event of a drive failure.

The HP RAID 4Si controller supports a variety of JBODs(just a bunch of disks) with hot swap modules and redundant hardware such as bus controllers, power supplies, and fans. All this adds up to high performance, low cost storage with data protection and most importantly, peace of mind!
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