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Overview and  features PCIe
AH400A PCIe 8Gb 1-Port Fibre Channel (QLogic) HBA
AH401A PCIe 8Gb 2-Port Fibre Channel (QLogic) HBA
AH402A PCIe 8Gb 1-Port Fibre Channel (Emulex) HBA
AH403A PCIe 8Gb 2-Port Fibre Channel (Emulex) HBA

The introduction of the HP 8Gb PCIe Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) brings datacenter infrastructure components to a higher level of performance and efficiency. The HP 8Gb PCIe FC HBAs are priced only slightly higher than an equivalent 4Gb HBA, yet, they have the ability to deliver twice the I/O performance. In addition, an 8Gb FC HBA purchased today is backward compatible with 4Gb and 2Gb and will protect your investment longer than if you were to purchase an equivalent 4Gb HBA. If you are using storage intensive applications, such as backup / restore, database transactions, and rich media, the increased performance of the 8Gb infrastructure allows you to store and retrieve critical information faster.

The virtualization of servers has become an important capability for most datacenters. The ability to improve overall server utilization, resulting in significant cost savings, has made server virtualization a "must-have" for most enterprises. By having an HBA that supports and maximizes your server virtualization efforts, you are protecting your significant investments in virtualization technology.
Since most of today's datacenters are required to be available 24 X 7, it is critical that infrastructure components have failover capabilities. By installing redundant HBAs into your servers, you can feel confident that your servers will remain connected to mission-critical stored data.

Finally, today's enterprises are becoming more and more sensitive to the power consumption within the datacenter. The 8Gb PCIe FC HBAs provide a number of features that work together to reduce power consumption, thus delivering a "green" benefit within the server.
Features and benefits
  • Get better performance at a competitive price: The 8Gb PCIe FC HBAs are priced only slightly higher than equivalent 4Gb HBAs, yet they have the ability to deliver twice the I/O performance.
  • Be well positioned for the future with 8Gb technology: Since 4Gb technology will be considered "old" soon, customers have the opportunity to move to 8Gb technology which will serve them for a much longer period than 4Gb technology.
  • Enhanced for storage intensive applications: When using storage intensive applications like backup/restore, database transactions, and rich media, the improved I/O performance allows you to store and retrieve data much faster.
  • Supports virtualized servers for overall effective server utilization: Ideal for the implementation of virtual servers, with the capability for migrating guest Operating Systems. And (Qlogic) Functional Level Reset (FLR) provides the ability to reset a port in a dual port configuration without impact to the other port.
  • Allows multiple logical (virtual) connections to share the same physical port (Qlogic): The Qlogic HBAs allow a single port to acquire multiple N Port IDs. This eliminates the need for additional physical ports.
  • Host to Fabric FC-SP authentication for data protection (Emulex): Protects your data from corruption, lost data and unauthorized intrusion.
  • Prioritization of queues prevents conflicts between multiple queues: Datacenter administrators do not need to concern themselves with multiple requests from the virtualized servers potentially creating conflict.
  • Redundant HBAs for high availability: Failover of HBAs to prevent single point of failure. Two single port cards are more reliable than one dual port card.
  • Support of Message Signaled Interrupts eXtended (MSI-X)(Emulex): Improves host utilization and enhances application performance.
  • Reduced overall power consumption: Reduced number of components on each FC HBA reduces the power consumption. The Qlogic 8Gb PCIe FC Host HBAs provide efficiency in design for the lowest airflow.