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Product description  
Product number AB429A
Description PCI-X single-channel, 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter
Bus specifications Standard PCI-X
64-bit, 266/133/66 MHz
Compliant with PCI-X specification v2
Compatible with 3.3V slots
Dimensions L=6.6 in (168 mm)
W=2.51 in (63.8 mm)
H=0.385 in (9.8 mm)
Transfer rate 4Gb, 2Gb or 1Gb
Max transfer rate 800 MB/s full duplex per channel
400 MB/s half duplex per channel
Supported configurations with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Datacenter Editions (maximum adapters) Superdome [sx2000] (24/partition),
rx8640 (12),
rx7640 (8),
rx6600 (6),
rx3600 (6)
Supported servers with RHEL4U4, SLES10 Superdome (sx1000) (8)
Rx8620 (8)
Rx7620 (8)
Boot support Yes (Windows)1
Yes (Linux)1
Operating systems Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Datacenter Editions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 Update 4 (RHEL4U4)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES 10)
Connector type LC (SFF)
Fibre Channel protocols FCP (SCSI-FCP),
FC-Tape (FCP-2)
Fibre Channel topology arbitrated loop (NL_Port), and switched fabric (N_Port)
Fibre Channel protocol compliance SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP),
Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH),
Fibre Channel 2nd Generation (FC-PH-2),
Third Generation Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH-3),
Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL-2),
Fibre Channel-Private Loop DirectAttach Technical Report (FC-PLDA),
Fibre Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) profile,
SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2),
Second Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3),
Third Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3),
Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling (FC-FS)
DC power characteristics 6.5 W (nominal); 7.5 W (max)
1Boot support, for Windows & Linux configurations, available with complete system integration in the field only; no boot support is available through factory integration.