4Gb Fibre Channel adapters
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4Gb fiber channel adapter

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» AB378B/AB379B
» AB429A
  » AD300A/AD355A/AD299A  
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Overview and  features PCI-X
AB378B PCI-X single-channel, 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter
AB379B PCI-X dual-port, 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter
AB429A PCI-X single-channel, 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter

Over view and features PCIe

AD300A PCIe dual-port 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter
AD355A PCIe 2-port 4Gb Fiber Channel Adapter
AD299A PCIe 1-port 4Gb Fiber Channel Adapter
  • Single & Dual channel offering
  • HP-UX, OpenVMS, Windows & Linux support
  • 4 Gb, 2Gb and 1Gb Fibre Channel auto-negotiated solution
  • Switched fabric and direct attach topology supported
  • Online addition/replacement (OLAR) capable
  • Significant performance increases and decrease CPU utilization compared to the 2Gb FC HBA (A6795A)
  • End-to-End HP SAN solutions providing fully tested mission-critical environments