HP PCI-X 2-port Fibre Channel and 2-port 1Gb Ethernet Multifunction Adapters - Overview


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HP PCI-X 2-port Fibre Channel and 2-port 1Gb Ethernet multifunction adapters

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Overview & features

AD194A PCI-X 2-port 4Gb Fibre Channel and 2-port 1000Base-T adapter

  • Single adapter with a 2-port Fibre Channel I/O for mass storage connectivity and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet I/O for networking connectivity
  • Higher port density for I/O slot-constrained systems
  • Higher levels of failover protection, because two HP multifunction adapters have no single point of failure
  • Flexibility for implementing vPars configurations

The HP PCI-X Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet multifunction adapter delivers the connectivity, flexibility, and high availability you need to support the requirements for server consolidation in your adaptive enterprise.