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A6869B PCI graphics card AH391A PCI graphics card
A6869B AH391A
AH423A HP Integrity rx2800 i2 2D Graphics Adapter  

Overview and features

AH391A HP 2D PCI graphics card
A6869B HP 2D USB PCI graphics card

To manage, monitor, and configure some server applications, a graphical user interface (GUI) is recommended or required. HP provides high-quality, high-performance graphics solutions to meet the need for interfacing with these GUI-based applications.


The AH391A ATI Radeon 7000 PCI graphics controller module is a single 32–bit expansion-slot, 66/33MHz Universal PCI option that provides 2D graphics acceleration for HP Integrity systems running HP-UX 11i and HP OpenVMS I64 operating systems. The card is capable of 24-bit true color resolution at 2048 x 2048.


The A6869B USB PCI card is a dual function combo card, hosting VGA and universal serial bus (USB) controllers. The bundle consists of:
  • One high-performance PCI 2D graphics card
  • One PCI 2-port USB card for keyboard and mouse connectivity
VGA port is supported on Windows only. USB ports are supported on HP-UX, OpenVMS, Windows, and Linux. It provides two USB ports for keyboard and mouse. Only 2D video is supported on the VGA port.

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