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Product summary: HP-UX TN3270 Client allows interactive communications between an HP 9000 server or workstation and an IBM System/370-compatible mainframe, or other system acting as a TN3270 server, using 3270 data streams in a TCP/IP environment. HP terminals and monitors on the HP 9000 running TN3270 emulate the functions of IBM 3278/3279 terminals for access to 3270 applications such as TSO, CMS, and CICSr. TN3270 provides additional functions beyond emulation to include such features as file transfer, HLLAPI application programming interface, Motif graphical user interface, a character-oriented windows user interface, and multiple session/connection support.

TN3270 communication can be implemented in either standalone or client/server configurations. The standalone configuration provides direct access to TCP/IP-based mainframes or peer systems for HP-UX computers which have their own TCP/IP-based network interface (802.3, Token Ring, FDDI, or X.25). The client/server configuration permits access to an SNA-based host system from multiple HP-UX computers on an 802.3, Token Ring LAN, or FDDI. These HP computers generally use a single HP 9000 system with HP-UX SNAplusLink (which includes TN Server function) as a gateway to access the IBM system.

Standalone configuration: TCP/IP communication with Host. TCP/IP may be provided by third-party translator or native code on host system.

A schematic for the standalone configuration

Client/server configuration: Communication from TN3270 clients to SNA-based host. Translation from TCP/IP to SNA provided by TN Server function included with SNAplusLink.

"Other client devices" include PCs, third-party workstations, etc. which support standard TN3270.

A schematic for the client/server configuration


  • Allows HP 9000-attached terminals and monitors to emulate the major features of IBM 3278/3279 terminals. Terminal access can be through the standard HP-UX supported options (asynchronous or bit-mapped display) or through PCs running a terminal emulator. Access can also be through workstations' X Windows environments by using the TN3270 Motif graphical user interface.
  • PC3270 file transfer enables interactive file transfers of 8-bit data streams on the HP 9000 to IBM systems running TSO, CICS, or VM/CMS.
  • UP to 10 sessions and hot key capabilities through Motif and ASCII windowing environments enable the user to control multiple host sessions on the same monitor.
  • Provides Native Language Support (NLS) for 8-bit data streams.
  • Escape to UNIX(R) shell provides terminal users with the ability to access other HP-UX programs while maintaining the 3270 sessions in the background.
  • Supports IBM's Response Time Monitor (RTM) which allows users to display statistics on how quickly the IBM host is responding to requests for data.
  • Supports ISO 8859.1 for western European languages.
  • HLLAPI (High-Level Language Application Programming Interface) provides a programmable interface for automating data transfer operations and repetitive tasks, such as automating startup of host 3270 applications.
  • Extended Attribute Byte (EAB) support including seven colors: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white, and turquoise.
  • Field attributes: normal, intense, blinking (non-Motif only), reverse video, and underscore.
  • Keyboard remapping with view, swap, and disable key assignments.
  • Background operation of the ASCII version of the TN3270 emulation program enables host printing, HLLAPI applications, and command-line file transfers.
  • Type ahead of keystrokes.
  • Keystroke record and replay to start up host applications, log on, or perform any standard initialization.
  • Character-oriented windows user interface provides pull-down menu to open, create, save style files, set up multiple style files, and control host sessions.
  • Similar "look and feel" to HP's SNAplus3270 product.
  • NFS diskless provides a diskless solution that is based on industry standards.
Functional specifications

TN3270 permits an HP 9000 workstation or server to emulate 3278 Model 2, 3, 4, and 5 displays. Some of the functions of TN3270 are:

  • All terminals supported by HP 9000 systems running HP-UX are supported by TN3270. (See the "Technical Reference Guide, HP Vectra PCs, Monitors, and Terminals" for specific terminals.)
  • IND$FILE for file transfer to CICS, VM/CMS, or MVS/TSO.
  • HLLAPI allows C language application programs to be written to communicate with the IBM system.
Features not supported
  • For the 3287 Model 2, 3, 4, and 5 displays: test key, keyclick, programmed symbols, alt character sets, multiple partition, encryption.
  • For Motif: blinking characters.
  • LUI or LU3 print functions.
Customer installation responsibility

Prior to installation and configuration of HP-UX TN3270, the following must be verified by the customer:

  • IBM remote system is operable.
  • LAN cabling is installed and connected to systems.
  • HP-UX operating system (version 10.0 or later) is installed and operable on HP system.
  • TCP/IP networking is operable.
The TN3270 product is sold as a customer-installable product. Therefore, the following steps are the responsibility of the customer:
  • Installation of HP-UX TN3270 software.
  • Creation and modification of configuration file that defines:
    • the available host TN3270 facilities;
    • the TN3270 users on the system;
    • the facilities available to the TN3270 users; and
    • the files used to store diagnostics information.
    • Setup of standard TN3270 style files for use by TN3270 users.
To complete the above steps, the staff engineer responsible for this task must have a strong knowledge of (or access to staff with strong knowledge of):
  • IBM 3270 emulators
  • TCP/IP networking
  • telnet
  • HLLAPI applications environments
  • HP-UX system administration
  • An understanding of why the TN3270 product is being installed/used
Customers who cannot compose a team with the above skillset should purchase HP Installation and Network Startup services.

Consulting services may also be purchased for the following:

  • Creation of customized TN3270 style files
  • Keyboard remapping customization
  • TERMINFO File customization
  • HLLAPI programming consulting
  • Other TN3270 customization
Product requirements
Environment TN3270-Workstations TN3270-Business Servers
Models 7xx 8xx, Exx, Gxx, Hxx, Ixx, Kxx, Txx
Operating system HP-UX 10.0 or later HP-UX 10.0 or later
SNAplusLink (for client/server configurations) J2226A J2220A
Disk space 4.0 Mbytes 4.0 Mbytes
Memory space 2.3 Mbytes 2.3 Mbytes
IBM host IBM System/370 or compatible mainframe (Series 30xx, 43xx, ES/9000) in an SNA TCP/IP environment, ACF/VTAM and ACF/NCP TSO, CMS, or CICS IBM System/370 or compatible mainframe (Series 30xx, 43xx, ES/9000) in an SNA TCP/IP environment, ACF/VTAM and ACF/NCP TSO, CMS, or CICS
Other Hosts Any system supporting TN3270 server function (for standalone configurations) Any system supporting TN3270 server function (for standalone configurations)
For standalone configuration, choose one of:
LAN/9000 Bundled with system Bundled with system
Token ring/9000 J2165A J2166A
FDDI/9000 N/A DJ2157A

Ordering information

HP J2636AA TN3270 System license S800

The complete solution for TN3270 includes at least two products: System License and Media. The Media product includes one set of standard manuals; additional manuals may be ordered. The TN3270 product requires HP-UX 10.0 or later.

The TN3270 Client product may be used in either standalone or client/server configurations. A TN3270 System License is required for each HP 9000 which will communicate with the SNA or TCP/IP host.

Upgrade options are available for the TN3270 System Licenses. Please consult the HP 9000 Price Guide for details.

Processor Options
AHO Exx, Gxx, K100, K200, 807, 817, 827, 837
AE5 Hxx, Ixx, K400, 847, 857, 867, 877, 887, 897
AEP 890, T500
HP J2637AA TN3270 System License S700
HP J2646AA TN3270 Media for S700 and S800

Media Options
APS Software version to run with HP-UX 10.0
AAU CD-ROM certificate only
AAH Digital audio tape
J2656AA TN3270 manuals for S700 and S800

Documentation options
011 Standard manual set:
J2656-90001 TN3270 administrators guide 10.0
J2656-90010 TN3270 users guide 10.0
013 J2651-90010 SNAplus3270/TN3270 HLLAPI Programmers Guide

CICS is a U.S. registered trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. The CICS product sold by HP is based upon IBM's AIX CICS/6000 product.
Motif is a trademark of the Open Software Foundation in the U.S. and other countries.
Windows is a U.S. trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.
Technical information in this document is subject to change without notice.