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SNA Plus 2 Enterprise Extender provides a mechanism for integrating SNA applications with an IP network.

SNA applications are designed to use SNA protocols to communicate over SNA networks with other SNA applications. When installed in a TCP/IP network using Enterprise Extender, SNA applications can still communicate; the Enterprise Extender function provides a mechanism for transporting SNA protocols over the IP network. In particular, it provides APPN High-Performance Routing (HPR) functionality, giving the applications the benefits of both APPN and IP connectivity.


  • High Performance Routing (HPR), which minimizes processing cycles and storage requirements and automatically routes sessions around path failures
  • The ability for SNAplus2 to operate as a Network Node, an End Node, or a Low-Entry Networking Node, providing added flexibility and utilization through Advanced Peer to Peer Networking (APPN) features such as dynamic configuration and resource location
  • The ability to operate as a Branch Network Node, allowing the APPN network to be separated into branches to simplify its topology and reduce network management overheads. A Branch Network Node provides network node functions to end nodes in a branch separated from the main APPN network, while acting as an end node in the main network itself.
  • Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) Application Suite (ASUITE): ASUITE is a set of APPC applications used to perform various functions, such as file transfers (aftp), file copy (acopy), echo test (aping), executing a remote command (arexec), delivering messages to remote system (atell) and communicating with the nameserver database (aname).
  • Full Duplex APPC functionality: Allows transaction programs (TP) to send and receive data at the same time
  • Session Level Interface (SLI): Extension of a LUA interface, which allows programming at a logical message level.
  • Primary RUI: Allows emulation of a Physical Unit (PU) type 5 mainframe, thereby providing options to eliminate the mainframe and/or offload mainframe processing to the HP-UX system.