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HP-UX SNAplus2 3270/3179G provides interactive communications between an HP 9000 server or workstation and an IBM-compatible mainframe or a peer system using systems network architecture (SNA) 3270 protocols and handling both 8-bit and 16-bit data streams. HP terminals, monitors, and printers running SNAplus2 3270/3179G can emulate the functions of IBM 3278 terminals and 3287 printers, protecting customers' investments in existing applications. In addition, it enables Motif X-Window terminals connected to the HP 9000 system to emulate IBM 3179G/3192G color graphics display stations.

The SNAplus2 3270/3179G product also provides additional functionality beyond emulation to include features such as file transfer, high-level language application programming interface (HLLAPI), Motif graphical user interface, a character-oriented Windowsr user interface, and multiple session support.

The HP-UX SNAplus2 3270/3179G can be configured in either standalone or client/server mode. The standalone configuration provides access to IBM mainframes or peer systems for a single HP-UX computer that has its own HP-UX SNAplus2 Link. The client/server configuration permits access to the IBM system from multiple HP-UX systems on an Ethernet, Token Ring, or FDDI LAN. These computers generally use a single HP 9000 computer with HP-UX SNAplusLink as a gateway to access the IBM system.

The HP-UX SNAplus2 Link provides the major features of an IBM 3174 and 3274 cluster control unit and the lower four levels of SNA. Physical Unit (PU) Type 2 and Type 2.1 (PU 2, PU 2.1) are emulated; Logical Unit (LU) Types 0, 1, 2, 3, and 6.2 (LU 0, LU 1, LU 2, LU 3, and LU 6.2) are supported. When used with HP-UX SNAplus2 Link, SNAplus2 3270/3179G allows access to 3270 and graphical data display manager (GDDM) applications on the mainframe, such as TSO, CMS, and CICS.


  • Emulates 3278 terminals and 3287 printers
  • Provides full color 3179G Motif X-Windows emulation
  • Enables access to TSO, CMS, CICSr, and GDDM applications
  • Allows up to 10 sessions with hot-key capability, per monitor
  • Supports both 8-bit and 16-bit character data streams
  • Provides PC3270 interactive file transfers
  • Supports NetView 3270 User Alerts
  • Provides HLLAPI for automatic data transfer operations
  • APL and Alphanumeric character sets are supported by the 3179G capabilities of this product.
  • PC3270 file transfer enables inter- active file transfers of 8-bit and 16-bit data streams on the HP 9000 to/from IBM systems running TSO, CICS, or VM/CMS.
  • In addition to English (8-bit) data streams, SNAplus2 3270/3179G provides Native Language Support (NLS), which handles IBM's Double Byte (16-bit) Character Set (DBCS) data. Supported Asian languages include:
    • Chinese
    • Traditional
    • Simplified
    • Big 5
    • Korean
  • Supports ISO 8859.1 for Western European Languages and ISO 8859.8 for Hebrew.
  • Up to 10 sessions and hot-key capability through windows environments enable the user to control multiple host sessions on the same monitor.
  • Customized session window titles features allow each active 3270/ 3179G session to have a different window title for easy identification.
  • Escape to UNIX shell provides terminal users with the abilityto access other HP-UX programs while maintaining the 3270 session in the background.
  • Supports IBM's response time monitor (RTM), allowing users to display statistics on how quickly the IBM host is responding to requests for data.
  • Supports NetView 3270 User Alerts for communicating with the host operator.
  • HLLAPI provides a programmable interface for automating batch data transfer operations and repetitive tasks, such as automating startup of host 3270 or 3179G applications.
  • Highlight attributes: normal, intense, blinking (non-Motif only), reverse video, and underscore.
  • Keyboard remapping with view, swap, and disable key assignments.
  • International language support for variants of EBCDIC.
  • Background operation of the ASCII version of the 3270 emulation program enables host printing, HLLAPI applications, and command-line file transfers.
  • Type-ahead of keystrokes that will be required after the host has responded.
  • Keystroke record and replay to start up host application, logon, or perform any standard initialization.
  • Pull-down menus for file operations (open, create, save), session customization (color, printing), and session control.