Dual Port PSI Adapter (PCI)
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The dual-port PCI board is targeted for all HP PCI systems. It is supported on all supported HP 9000 Servers and Workstations. It supports X.25 (P/N J2793B) & SNA (P/N J6380AA) that complies with industry standards, allowing connection to various types of equipment.

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Features and benefits

The PCI dual-port programmable serial interface (PSI) card consists of 2-port serial interface hardware that features a flexible physical connectivity interface (RS-232C/V24, X.21/V11, RS-449, V.35, or RS-530 standards). Cable types are automatically recognized.

It supports the X.25/LAP-B protocol allowing HP 9000-to-HP 9000 communication, as well as HP 9000 to other systems (HP or non-HP) over packet data networks or leased lines. This is achieved through the use of HP X.25/9000 Software (P/N J2793B).

Product (P/N J3525A) specific functional specifications

  • PCI 2.1 Local Bus Specifications for the system bus.
  • Dual-port PCI-based hardware. A green LED per port allows easy checking of the hardware installation and of the cable connection.
  • Support speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps on each PCI port (2 Mbps only supported on X.21, RS-449 and RS-530 interfaces).
  • Hardware diagnostics (RESET and external loopback) are integrated into MESA.