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HP auto-port aggregation software for HP servers-
maximized throughput with enhanced failover protection

In today's enterprise, communication is all about speed and performance. The rapid growth of applications that distribute Internet and intranet information and enable browser-based online transactions mandates ever-faster response times and more efficient Web page access. Today's end users demand that graphically rich Web pages be displayed faster and without patience-trying delays. What's more, client/server applications such as SAP R/3 and database backup require fast, high bandwidth "pipes" into HP 9000 Enterprise Servers.

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Along with faster, higher performance, enterprise users also require high availability to protect against business interruptions and loss of productivity. Auto-port aggregation can provide higher-performance server access, an increased level of redundancy, and protection from link outages-with lowered network management complexity, as well.

HP auto-port aggregation provides the following benefits:

  • Bandwidth scalability: network managers can scale their networks to improve aggregate throughput.
  • High Availability: it provides redundancy or link aggregation of computer ports.
  • Load balancing: HP APA supports true load balancing and failure recovery capabilities and distributes traffic evenly across the aggregated links.
  • Single MAC address: because ports aggregated with HP APA share a single, logical MAC address, there is no need to assign individual addresses to aggregated ports.
  • Flexibility: ports can be aggregated to achieve higher performance whenever network congestion occurs.
  • Investment protection: because the HP APA utilizes Ethernet technology, it provides a natural upgrade path for current Ethernet installations, leveraging existing end-stations, management tools and training.

HP APA can be configured in any of four ways:

Auto with PAgP - This mode should be used when configuring Link Aggregates on HP UNIX® servers when connected to a switch which supports Cisco's Fast EtherChannel protocol (PAgP).

Auto with LACP- This mode should be used when configuring Link Aggregates on HP UNIX® servers when connected to IEEE 802.3ad (LACP) supported switches.

LAN monitor - This mode should be used when configuring Fail-over groups on HP UNIX® servers.