PCI serial HIPPI-800 Adapter
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  • Dual bus-mastering DMA channels for simultaneous read-and-write operations integrated with an embedded RISC processor for full scatter/gather support
  • Up to 132 MB/s. PCI burst transfer rate
  • Distance to peer of up to 500 meters with 50 micron multi-mode fiber, 200 meters with 62.5 micron fiber
  • Full TCP/IP support, RFC 1374 compliant
  • Large 65,280 byte maximum transfer unit for improved efficiency and performance

Faster systems and the availability of denser storage media have resulted in a rapid increase in the size of data sets. In today's technical data center, the ability to share large amounts of data quickly and efficiently is a necessity. The HP PCI high-performance parallel interface (HIPPI) network interface adapter offers the most efficient, high performance LAN solution for the technical enterprise.
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