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image of Hyperfabric port switch
image of Hyperfabric port switch

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Hyperfabric2 16-port fiber switch (product# A6384A 8-port fiber switch chassis AND A6388A 8-port fiber module)
Ports 8-ports fiber switch chassis, with one expansion slot for an 8-port fiber module and two 10Base-T management LAN ports
Bandwidth 4.0 Gb/s net Hyperfabric2 link speed per port (full duplex)
Switch latency Less than 500 ns
Cable length 2, 16, 50, and 200 m fiber host to switch
Dimensions 3U (3.47" high by 19" wide by 17.5" deep)
Weight 12.4 lbs (A6384A only)
PCI 4X adapter specifications   
Hyperfabric2 (product# A6386A)
Connectivity Up to 64 enterprise servers in switched mode. Point-to-point limits are system dependent and equal the maximum number of I/O cards supported
Topologies Point-to-point and switched
PCI 32/64-bit and 33/66 MHz
Link bandwidth 320 + 320 MB/s duplex
Raw link bandwidth 4.0 Gb/s full duplex for Hyperfabric2
Application bandwidth 2.4 Gb/s full duplex
Protocol latency
  • Less than 42 µsec (TCP/IP)
  • Less than or equal to 22 µsec
  • CPU utilization 30% to 50% lower CPU utilization than standard TCP/IP stacks running on traditional network links
    Cable length Up to 200 m fiber from host to switch
    Protocol support
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP
  • HP HMP (Hyper Messaging Protocol)
  • OS support HP-UX 11i v1, 11i v2 & 11i v3, 64-bit (requires at least 512 MB system memory per Hyperfabric2 adapter)
    High availability
  • Active-active mode in point-to-point configurations
  • Redundant switches in switched configurations
  • HP MC/Serviceguard qualified
  • 4X adapter environmental and regulatory specifications   
    Hyperfabric2 (product# A6386A)
    Temperature Non-operating: -40° to 158° F (-40° to +70° C) Operating: 41° to 104° F (+5° to +40° C) Recommended operating: 68° to 86° F (+20° to +30° C)
    Humidity 15% to 80% RH at +70° F (+22° C)
    Altitude 10,000 ft (3.1 km)
    Electromagnetic compatibility North America: FCC Part 15, Class A International: CISPR 22/EN 55022 Class A
  • EN 50082-1
  • EMC Directive Compliance
  • Oracle-Cluster interconnect support matrix PA-RISC & Itanium platforms1  
      HyperFabric2 InfiniBand
    (supports Itanium platforms only)
    IP over IB
    (supports Itanium platforms only)
    1GbE 10GbE
    Oracle 9i RAC YES
    (HP-UX 11iv1 & above)
    (HP-UX 11iv1 & above)
    (HP-UX 11iv1 & above)
    Oracle 10g RAC NO YES
    (HP-UX 11iv2 & above)
    (HP-UX 11iv2 & above)
    (HP-UX 11iv1 & above)
    (HP-UX 11iv1 & above)
    1 This matrix is extremely IMPORTANT when planning a migration from Oracle9i to Oracle10g
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