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image of Hyperfabric port switch
image of Hyperfabric port switch

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E-services, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and technical and parallel applications demand more computing power than single systems can sometimes deliver. Hewlett-Packard's innovative Hyperfabric2 (HF2) clustering solutions provide the performance scalability and high availability these applications need.

HP's Hyperfabric2 products are composed of high-performance network switches, I/O interface cards, and communications software. The Hyperfabric2 family of network interconnect products provide high-speed, low-latency solutions for clustering HP-UX Enterprise Server systems.

In addition to high performance, HP's Hyperfabric2 driver software has been optimized to ensure low CPU utilization. The standard TCP/IP communications stack has been tuned to reduce the delays normally associated with moving data from network media to the application layer and back down to the media.

The family of products also offers the flexibility to connect systems in point-to-point or switched topologies, both of which can be implemented in a variety of high availability configurations. To protect continuous system operations, Hyperfabric2 includes built-in high availability features such as error detection, redundant components, fast failover, and active-active mode, helping to maintain application and data availability at all times.

Bundled within Hyperfabric2 is HP's patented Hyper Messaging Protocol (HMP), a messaging-based protocol that significantly enhances performance of parallel and technical applications by optimizing the processing of various communication tasks. HMP has received numerous praises within the industry! HMP was jointly developed with Oracle®, and the resulting Hyperfabric2 feature set was tuned to enhance the scalability of Oracle's Cache Fusion clustering technology.

Customer benefits

  • Dramatically improves performance in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Decision Support Systems (DSS), and technical applications
  • Ensures that high availability operations are maintained across the interconnect environment
  • Provides a highly scalable growth path without bandwidth constraints
  • Increases speed of tape backup operations

Application areas

  • High-performance link for parallel DSS, OLTP, and technical applications
  • Large e-services and ERP application scaling

» Hyperfabric2 technology is not supported with Oracle 10g