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  • High-speed, 100-Mb/s LAN capability using the proven FDDI standard
  • Fiber-optic links for long distances (up to 100 km) and data security
  • MC/ServiceGuard support for switchover from a failing path to an alternate path
  • Single- and dual-attachment options for high-availability, alternate paths
  • Support for an optical bypass switch to keep the FDDI loop operating even if a station fails

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HP offers a family of 100-Mb/s FDDI LAN adapters that provide FDDI capability on a wide variety of servers supporting the various server buses. The family consists of the following products:

  • FDDI adapters for the HP-PB bus that supports the E-, G-, H-, I-, K-, and T-Class servers (J2157A)
  • FDDI adapters for the D-Class servers (two separate products)
    • EISA bus FDDI (A3659A)
    • D-Class HSC bus FDDI (A3723A)
  • FDDI adapters for the HSC bus for the K-Class (A3722A)
  • FDDI adapters for the new, extremely powerful, high-end V-Class server (A3739A)

All of these FDDI LAN adapters are HP products with HP support--for one-stop vendor sales and support.

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