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HP SNAplus2 Link provides enhanced communications capability between an HP 9000 / Integrity server or workstation and an IBM mainframe or an IBM peer system such as the AS/400. The HP-UX SNAplus2 Link easily integrates into existing network infrastructures by simultaneously managing the SDLC, QLLC/X.25, Ethernet (802.3), FDDI, and Token Ring (802.5) lines to the host, and it emulates the major features of an IBM 3274 cluster control unit using the lower four layers of systems network architecture (SNA), ensuring that customers' investments are protected. Both Node Type 2.0 (T2.0) for hierarchical connectivity and Low Entry Node (LEN) Type 2.1 (T2.1) for peer-to-peer connectivity are supported. Logical Unit (LU) Types 0, 1, 2, 3, and 6.2 (LU 0, LU 1, LU 2, LU 3, and LU 6.2) are supported.

The HP-UX SNAplus2 Link can be configured as either standalone or as client/server. The standalone environment provides access to IBM mainframes or IBM peer systems for a single HP-UX computer that has its own HP-UX SNAplus2 Link. Running in the client/server environment permits access to the IBM systems from multiple HP-UX computers on an Ethernet, Token Ring, or FDDI (servers) LAN. These computers generally use a single HP 9000 or Integrity computer with HP-UX SNAplus2 Link as a gateway to the IBM system.

HP-UX SNAplus2 Link also supports Microsoft Windows 16-bit PC clients via the Winsock 1.1 protocol to access the IBM mainframe or peer systems, enabling transparent access to legacy data and applications from PC environments.

The HP-UX SNAplus2 Link product is used in conjunction with a service product: SNAplus2 3270/3179G, SNAplus2 API or SNAplus2 RJE. In addition, SNAplus2 APPN End-Node can be used along with SNAplus2 Link. (Please refer to the appropriate data sheets for more information.)

Schematic of SNAplus2 link


  • Highly scalable-number of users and sessions limited only by available system hardware resources
  • Emulates an IBM 3174 and 3274 cluster controller on an HP 9000 system
  • Supports LU types 0, 1, 2, 3, and 6.2
  • Enables APPN End-Node peer-to-peer networking
  • Simultaneously supports multiple local area or wide area network (LAN or WAN) media
  • Supports Windows 16-bit PC clients via Winsock 1.1
  • Acts as a server for other SNAplus2 services
  • Provides NetView alarms and alerts for integrated network management
  • Allows the HP 9000 to emulate the major features of a 3174 and 3274 cluster controller using SNA protocols.
  • Supports an unlimited number of logical unit sessions (LUs) concurrently. The number of sessions per system is only limited by the amount of available system resources.
  • Supports PU 2.1 primary to initiate connections with peer systems including other HP 9000s.
  • The HP-UX SNAplus2 Link running on the HP 9000 acts as a server for SNAplus clients running SNAplus2 3270/3179G, API, and RJE on an HP 9000. It can simultaneously communicate to the mainframe and participate in an SNA network using any or all of these services.
  • An HP 9000 with HP-UX SNAplus2 Link can function as a non-dedicated gateway. Depending on the customer's specific application requirements, SNAplus2 Link easily operates on HP9000 and Integrity servers while running other HP-UX applications, thus decreasing overall system costs.
  • SNA and TCP/IP can run concurrently over the same Token Ring or 802.3 card.
  • SNA and OSI can run concurrently over the same X.25 link card.
  • The SNAplus2 Link product can simultaneously support 100 Mbps FDDI, 4/16 Mbps Token Ring or 10 Mbps 802.3 LAN connections. For WAN connections it supports line speeds up to 64 Kbps over switched or leased lines for SDLC or X.25/ QLLC connections. High-performance X.25/QLLC connections up to 256 Kbps are also supported on both HP 9000 servers and workstations.