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HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)

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HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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RTR concept demo

Goal To illustrate the concept of RTR using an interactive simulation of an RTR facility
Focus Education
Effort Very low installation effort

»Download the RTR concept demo for PCs (734 KB, self-installing archive).

RTR concept demo instructions

  • To install the demo—double-click the downloaded file (rtrdemo.exe), and either select the default installation directory or enter a new installation path in the Unzip to Folder field of the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box. Click Unzip. After the files have been unzipped, click Close.
  • To run the demo—in the directory you specified in the previous step, open the PCDEMO folder, and double-click the RTRDEMO.EXE file. Use the demo window toolbar to run the demo, see different views of the demo, and access online Help.
    Select Views > Autopilot to see a continuously running RTR overview.
    Select Views > Do It Yourself to create your own RTR network for business continuity.
    Select What Is for a glossary of terms related to geographically distributed, fault-tolerant, continuous computing.


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