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HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)


HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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RTR references

Click any of the following links for success stories detailing how RTR delivers 24 x 7 performance in mission-critical environments.

»OM Technology
»International Securities Exchange
»Swiss Exchange
»Indian Railways
»Australian Stock Exchange

Visit the HP case studies website to learn more about how other customers and business partners are succeeding with HP products.

OM Technology

In a dynamic environment where computer systems are trusted to handle millions of dollars each second—24 hours a day, 365 days a year—HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems with HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) middleware is the platform of choice for OM Technology and its global roster of customers. OM Technology is a division of OM HEX AB, the largest securites market in Northern Europe and a leading provider of marketplace services and solutions for the financial and energy markets. [OM HEX website]

International Securities Exchange (ISE)

In a perfect world, a business could create its IT environment from ground zero, without having to consider any existing systems or environment. Having just such freedom to select any platform in the industry, the International Securities Exchange (ISE) uses the HP OpenVMS operating system and HP Reliable Transaction Router to run its breakthrough operation.

Swiss Exchange (SWX)

The Swiss Exchange (SWX) is the seventh-largest stock exchange in the world by total share volume. In August 1996, Switzerland replaced three older exchanges with SWX, an electronic exchange that creates a single market for all securities listed in Switzerland. The high-performance core of SWX comprises a cluster of 64-bit HP AlphaServer systems with the unique, fault-tolerant HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) transaction messaging middleware. [SWX website]

Indian Railways

Indian Railways is one of the most advanced ministries in India, with an innovative and extensive IT environment—and a leading-edge reservation system powered by HP AlphaServer systems running the HP OpenVMS operating system and HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) middleware.

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is the twelfth-largest stock market in the world and the second-largest in the Asia-Pacific region. HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) is one of the key technologies incorporated into ASX solutions software. [ASX website]


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