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HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)


HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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RTR quick spec


Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) is a fault-tolerant, transactional messaging middleware product used to implement large distributed applications in client/server environments. RTR enables distributed applications to run in heterogeneous environments, allowing client and server applications to interoperate on supported Windows, UNIX, and OpenVMS platforms.

For over a decade, major financial exchanges and banks around the globe have relied on HP RTR as the best and simplest method of providing non-stop 24 x 7 availability for their transaction-intensive applications.

This release of RTR is designed to provide the highest level of quality and reliability. New functionality includes mouse-over pop-up menus for web management pages, an object-oriented interface, and web-based system management.

  • Provides support in heterogeneous systems environments through C++ object-oriented interface, which helps application designers write applications faster and easier. The C++ interface also enables creation of system management applications.
  • Simplifies RTR configuration and management by offering web-based system management.
  • Reduces transaction recovery time and increases data availability from a remote site with fast recovery.
Key features
  • C++ object-oriented interface
  • Web-based system management
  • Transaction shadow performance enhancements
  • The C++ object-oriented interface provides backward compatibility for all existing RTR applications. It also gives developers the ability to integrate individual objects into RTR applications, which use the C functions call interface. This greatly simplifies the design and implementation of RTR applications and increases quality by reducing the amount of code that an RTR application is required to write, removing the need to manage channels, and reducing the need to understand complex structures.
  • A web-based graphical user interface (GUI) for monitoring and controlling RTR simplifies system and operations management. Web-based system management includes:
    • System 'show' commands
    • System 'monitor' commands—a hierarchically organized subset
    • Start and stop RTR
    • Create facility
    • Facility trim and extend
    • Create and set partition
    • Create journal
  • Transaction shadowing performance enhancements reduce overall transaction recovery time.
Additional product information

For more information about RTR, refer to the appropriate software product description.

  • For OpenVMS, refer to the RTR OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD 51.04.xx).
  • For Tru64 UNIX, refer to the RTR Tru64 UNIX Software Product Description (SPD 51.54.xx).
  • For Windows, refer to the RTR Windows Software Product Description (SPD 53.88.xx).
  • For Sun Solaris, refer to the RTR UNIX Software Product Description (SPD 51.54.xx).
  • For Linux, refer to the RTR Linux Frontend Software Product Description (SPD 51.54.xx).

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