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HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)

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HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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Country: Sweden
Business: Exchanges
Contact: Ms. Anne von Corswant, (46)-8-405-6000

"[HP's] unique Reliable Transaction Router middleware builds the business critical financial network that provides continuous, high performance, real time computing across countries and platforms."

Mats Andersson, VP IT Strategy OMX

OMX, based in Sweden, has installed the OM CLICK Exchange System using RTR at exchanges worldwide, including: Austrian Futures and Options Exchange (OTOB):

  • Provides computerized exchange with integrated clearing for options and futures in Austria - Operational since 1991
  • Supports 11 member banks with over 80 trading stations
  • Utilizes RTR with OpenVMS and DECnet Ced Borsa (Milan Stock Exchange)
  • Provides electronic trading for equity futures based on the MIB30
  • Supports over 100 connected applications
  • Utilizes RTR, OpenVMS Alpha, and Windows NT systems Hong Kong Futures Exchange
  • Provides electronic exchange for one-day rolling currency futures
  • Designed to support 300 trade applications
  • Utilizes RTR running on multiple OpenVMS systems (VAX and Alpha) American Stock Exchange
  • Provides electronic option display book to option specialists trading stock and index options
  • Designed to support 300 specialists
  • Utilizes RTR and OpenVMS VAX and Alpha systems


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