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HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)


HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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Java RTR overview

» Download Java RTR toolkit (Windows, OpenVMS, Linux)
   Note: JRTR V1.2 is qualified on RTR V4.2-ECO4 and V5.0-ECO1 kits only.

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Java RTR (JRTR) is a toolkit that layers on top of RTR. It provides standard Java and J2EE interfaces for RTR applications. JRTR exposes the traditional RTR features of hardware and software high availability, fault tolerance, and entire-site disaster recovery by using already well-established interfaces. Specifically, it provides JTA (javax.transaction.usertransaction), java.io.InputStream, java.io.OutputStream, and JDBC datasources and connection pools.

With JRTR, your programmers are more productive because they already know Java and J2EE concepts. Your investment is protected because you are writing applications that are more portable and better able to integrate with other offerings in the marketplace. Customers are using JRTR from within a J2EE application server, but it can just as easily be used without an application server. JRTR applications also have the ability to interact with other RTR applications written in C and C++.

JRTR features
  • Provides implementations of standard J2EE interfaces without requiring an application server: JTA, java.io Stream, JDBC
  • Simple integration with any J2EE application server: for example, EJBs
  • Simple integration with any web server: for example JSP, Servlets
  • Applications can use the JDBC driver of their choice
  • Java streams which can be used by any of the classes in the java.io package
  • Interoperability with non-Java applications

JRTR integrated with a web server

Problem reporting

Please report any problems relating to the Java RTR toolkit by sending feedback


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