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HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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RTR version 5.0 fact sheet

This release of RTR is designed to provide the highest level of quality and reliability.

For more than a decade, major financial exchanges and banks around the world have relied on HP RTR as the best and simplest method of providing constant availability for their transaction-intensive applications.

RTR provides customers with an object-oriented interface and Web-based system management.

RTR version 5.0 highlights

  • RTR for HP OpenVMS Integrity servers, OpenVMS AlphaServer systems, Windows, and Linux Frontend product releases
  • Quality enhancements
  • Fault-detection Web browser—the RTR fault-detection Web browser enables the system manager to navigate to all nodes in their RTR network, drill down to specific nodes, and receive automatic notification of warnings, errors, or fatal alarms. Nodes are self-monitoring, and detect faults on RTR nodes, links, roles, and partitions.

Additional product information

For more information about RTR, refer to the appropriate software product description below.

» RTR OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD 51.04.xx)
» RTR Tru64 UNIX Software Product Description (SPD 80.68.xx)
» RTR Windows Software Product Description (SPD 53.88.xx)
» RTR UNIX Software Product Description (SPD 80.67.xx)
» RTR Linux Frontend Software Product Description (SPD 82.63.xx)

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