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HP Reliable Transation Router (RTR)


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Continuous, disaster-safe, fault- and failure-tolerant e-business transactions

If your critical business applications must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of network failures, system failures, or complete site outages, then HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) is for you.

Since 1990, HP RTR has been implemented around the world in stock exchanges, financial services organizations, railway reservation systems, and other business-critical environments to provide continuous application availability.

RTR provides application-disaster tolerance with transaction integrity and real-time transaction completion for the following platforms:

  • HP-UX Integrity
  • Linux Integrity
  • OpenVMS Integrity servers
  • OpenVMS Alpha
  • Windows
  • Linux x86_32 (Frontend only)
  • Linux x86_64 New! (Supported from RTR V5.2 onwards)

Announcing the launch of RTR Version 5.2

HP is pleased to announce the launch of RTR Version 5.2. Some of the new features introduced in RTR Version 5.2 are as follows:

  • Support for Linux 5.2 (x86_64) servers
    RTR is now available on HP Proliant x86-64 bit Linux platform. With RedHat Cluster-suite and Global File System (GFS), RTR helps you build server application clusters which are highly available and also reliable with no loss of data during their migration from an ACTIVE to STANDBY node.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows x86_64
    RTR (32-bit) is now qualified on Windows x86_64 operating system.
  • Selective data compression
    RTR is enhanced to selectively compress data packets to transport large amounts of data over a congested network. In case of a network with insufficient bandwidth, RTR used to buffer data leading to non-availability of memory and eventually process failures. The selective compression addresses this issue and makes RTR fault free even in case of congested networks.
  • Support for 64-bit library on OpenVMS
    RTR is enhanced to extend the memory allocation capacity of RTR processes by supporting 64-bit pointers. This would enable RTR to work with an increased number of applications on any given node.

Please see the appropriate Software Product Description (SPD) document for more details.

Announcing HP OpenView Smart Plug-in (SPI) for HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR-SPI)

RTR-SPI provides a key to centralized, ready-to-go availability management facility for RTR product and its applications. It enables customers to perform business-centric service management, event management, performance monitoring and reporting on RTR environment to support business critical processes. HP OpenView monitors, manages and controls large number of products and applications. Using RTR-SPI, HP OpenView will extend its monitoring capability to the RTR application environment.

RTR-SPI sample program demonstrates the use of API’s exposed by RTR, which can be used to develop a smart plug-in for collecting RTR parameters. It collects RTR related data and then passes them to OpenView Operations Agents for monitoring purposes.

The sample application can be enhanced to suit one's needs. Using RTR-SPI, the monitoring capability of the HP Operations Manager is extended to the RTR application environment.

» Download the RTR-SPI sample program New!

Java RTR toolkit provides the traditional fault tolerance and disaster recovery features of the RTR product via standard java and J2EE interfaces. JRTR provides support for JTA, IO Streams and JDBC.

By implementing the standard java interfaces JRTR is able to extend the use of RTR to java beans, web servers and J2EE Application Servers.

» Download the Java RTR toolkit

» Download the RTR Brochure New! (pdf, 1.96 MB)

» Register with HP RTR

» Send HP your questions about RTR