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As you assess and plan your HP e3000 transition, use this quick reference guide to determine which of the many programs offered by HP and its partners can be of assistance to you.

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Quick reference guide topics:

Hardware and software programs
HP partner key offerings
Training and education programs
Services and financing programs

 Hardware and software programs:

HP e3000 transition program

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HP e3000 transition training:  http://www.education.hp.com/curr-mpe-e3000.htm
HP e3000 to hp-ux conversion
No-cost hardware conversion kit from an HP e3000 to an HP-UX server and a base
HP-UX operating system LTU free of charge. Program runs through December 2006.

Trade-in discounts
Low-cost solutions for customers moving from older HP e3000s to HP-UX servers.

Loaner systems
Free loaners for HP e3000 customers who are migrating one or two HP e3000s to another HP platform. The program includes a free six month loaner system (HP-UX, Windows or Linux) for migration purposes with a substantial purchase discount or leasing option provided at the end of the six months. Loaner systems are subject to availability.

Mission critical and enterprise HP-UX
Get a 50% discount off the net price of the operating environment when upgrading
an HP-UX server order to HP-UX 11i, Enterprise or Mission Critical OE LTU.

Storage systems
HP is offering a wide variety of storage trade-in programs designed to help customers upgrade their current HP storage systems or move from non-HP to HP storage systems.

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 HP partner key offerings

HP e3000 platinum partners
Experienced HP e3000 partners selected by HP to deliver comprehensive end-to-end HP e3000 transition services, these partners can help develop the transition strategy and plan, pull all the needed tools and applications together, and direct the transition.
Platinum partners include:

Pathway-Pacific call Bob Taylor at +61 2 9956 7699
or e-mail at bobt@pathway.com.au

Migration service partners:

HP e3000 transition tools and services partners
HPs transition tools and services partners offer a wide variety of tools and services to ensure you get the best support for your HP e3000 transition. Go to the e3000 partner website for links to pdf files listing all the transition tools and services partners.

Valuable savings coupon book
The coupon book provides customers with valuable savings and incentive opportunities to utilize partner products and services in their HP e3000 transition activities. If you have not received one, order one today.

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  Training and education programs

training and education programs
HP has developed a comprehensive training curriculum specifically for HP e3000 customers. These programs include a white paper, transition aids, webcasts (live and replay), web-based coursework, and in-depth classroom courses. Visit the training and education site for the latest information.

Reference papers and tools
The HP e3000 Solution Transition Advisor is a series of six in-depth white papers focusing on various business and technical aspects of your HP e3000 transition. These are a must read for all HP e3000 customers.

The six white paper topics are: (PDF format)
Business planning guide 2442 KB
Technical planning guide 3145 KB
Compilers and user interfaces 2146 KB
TurboIMAGE and databases 3657 KB
KSAM and the MPE file system 2876 KB
MPE commands and networks 2744 KB

In addition, reference tools are available to help identify related MPE commands,
APIs (intrinsics) and system operator functions in HP-UX.

HP e3000 transition webcasts
The webcasts are ideal for an understanding of HP e3000 transition considerations and steps. The webcasts utilize streaming audio and slide presentations.
Topics include:

  • HP e3000 transitions - first steps
  • planning the project
  • language issues
  • user interface issues
  • database issues
  • putting it all together

HP-UX fundamentals web-based courses

Comprehensive web-based training curriculum custom developed by HP for HP e3000 customers and partners, featuring HP-UX fundamentals course work from an MPE/iX perspective. This curriculum is offered at no charge via an e-coupon to all current HP e3000 customers and partners worldwide.
Courses are:

  • quick start to UNIX - for those with no prior UNIX experience
  • hp-ux system administration - from a unique MPE perspective
  • UNIX foundation technology curriculum - provides the next step in your hp-ux education

In-depth hp-ux courses
HP Education Services offer classroom courses designed to offer in-depth, hands-on HP-UX training. These courses are recommended by the curriculum experts and reflect the minimum recommendation for HP-UX in-depth training. In addition, there are over 100
HP-UX oriented courses available to ensure your success.

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 Services and financing programs

For details on the services and financing programs listed below, please contact your local sales representative or reseller.

Online transition prequalification survey
An online analysis survey designed to help HP identify your issues and begin to determine the best path for transition. In-depth transition analysis services are also available from the HP e3000 Transition Program Office.

Transition support services
Designed to assist PSS (Personalized Support Services) and CSS (Critical Support Services) customers with transition-focused activities.

HP consulting
Discounted services for HP e3000 customers facing a more comprehensive
transition strategy.

HP outsourcing
HP e3000 outsourcing services from HP.

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System inventory utility
  Free software tool to determine file types on HP e3000 systems.
Public access development systems hp-ux (invent9k)
  Quick and inexpensive access to an HP-UX system and migration tools,
available free to any HP customer.

HP e3000 marketing contacts:


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