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HP announced five-year plan for the HP e3000

For almost 30 years, the HP e3000 has been a robust, reliable platform for the IT industry worldwide. But today's environment is changing rapidly and, going forward, looks different from the one that has sustained and nourished the HP e3000 platform. Projecting ahead five years, we think the infrastructure and ecosystem may not be in place for customers to successfully run their businesses on the platform. HP feels it's important to share these concerns with our customers and partners, and last November announced details of a five-year plan for HP e3000 sales and support.

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HP's message to customers and partners

HP is not abruptly discontinuing the HP e3000. Instead, future end-of-sales and end-of-support dates for the HP e3000 and MPE/iX have been set. In order to allow customers enough time to plan and effectively manage their businesses through the transition period:

  • HP will continue to provide a broad portfolio of support services for the HP e3000 until December 31, 2006, and
  • HP will continue to sell and enhance MPE/iX and the HP e3000 until October 31, 2003.

HP is advising its customers to begin evaluating and planning transitions from the HP e3000 platform to other HP servers. HP's UNIX, Windows, and Linux servers have strong, robust futures. We are offering many ways to help educate you about HP's other server offerings, and to help ensure smooth, cost-effective transitions to these new systems and the opportunities they represent.

HP e3000 customers should begin to take the following steps:

  • First, take stock of your HP e3000 environment. Begin taking a thorough inventory of your HP e3000 systems, software and accessories, and document the environment thoroughly. Don't forget to list all your applications, tools, hardware, storage, networks, etc.
  • Second, ensure that your existing HP e3000 environment will be sustainable throughout your transition. You may find that you’ll need to upgrade your HP e3000. HP will continue to sell and enhance the A-class and N-class, and you'll be able to buy upgrades and new systems until October 31, 2003. And, HP will continue to support the HP e3000 for up to five more years (depending upon the specific model), until December 31, 2006.
  • Third, start detailed planning. Review your long-term platform plans, and begin making plans for the transition to other HP platforms. HP sells servers based on HP-UX, Linux & Windows, so you have plenty of choices open to you.
  • Fourth, work with your partners. If you've been using applications that were purchased from an Independent Software Vendor, contact your ISV. Many HP e3000 applications have already been ported to other HP platforms. Also, contact your HP representative or HP authorized reseller to learn more about TradeUp and conversion kits.
  • Also, stay in touch with HP by registering for the HP Customer Times newsletter, if you have not already done so. We are working with a number of partner companies to bring you targeted migration tools and services.
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