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MPE/iX 7.5 adds new speed and performance to the newly updated HP e3000 A- and N-Class servers with thePA-8700 processors.
Native fibre channel support on the HP e3000 A-
and N- Class servers support the HP SureStore Disk Array XP48, XP128, XP 1024, XP512 and the Virtual Array 7100.
The new CI Command :Shutdown, Restart provides a shutdown mechanism with a reboot option in the command level similar to the HP-UX operating system. This enhancement provides a :SHUTDOWN command on the
CI prompt, with a RESTART option, which shuts down the system completely and reboots automatically.
The UPS Monitor/iX subsystem of MPE/iX has been enhanced to provide new capabilities related to the systemís handling of AC power failures at UPS devices. The UPSUTIL utility program for UPS subsystem management also was enhanced to support the new features of the UPS Monitor/iX.
Beginning with MPE/iX Release 7.5, LDEV1 now supports more than 4GB of disk space. The MPE/iX operating system uses the full capacity of the disk configured as LDEV1. With this enhancement, the operating system can utilize the entire disk space for storing files. Because the ISL limitation is not removed, system utilities still must be stored within the first 4GB of the disk space.
Sendmail now is bundled into MPE/iX 7.5 as a fully supported product, which allows you to send and receive SMTP-based e-mail. The initial A.01.00 release of Sendmail for MPE/iX is based on the 8.12.1 Internet open source version from Sendmail.org. Previously, this was available as unsupported freeware.
New storage solutions provide increased performance and capacity while enabling future growth and expandability:
  • support for new high-end disk arrays XP128/XP1024
  • support for mid-range disk array VA7100
  • FC 8B/16B 1/2GB switches for highspeed SAN infrastructure
  • support for new JBOD SCSIdisk system DS2300
  • support for new Tape Array 5300 enclosure


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