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IMAGE/SQL enables client/server access to your enterprise data. It is TurboIMAGE with the addition of structured query language (SQL), the interface of relational databases. IMAGE/SQL maintains full TurboIMAGE functionality, so your existing applications will continue to operate without modification.


  • concurrency with existing applications
  • no change to database administration
  • leverage existing expertise


  • ALLBASE/SQL coexistence
  • network sharing of data
  • administration utility
  • transaction integrity
  • deadlock detection
  • latest enhancements

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On the HP e3000 Series 900 computer system, IMAGE/SQL is offered as part of the HP MPE/iX system database bundle at a cost savings of more than 40 percent less than add-on prices. The offering includes TurboIMAGE and the SQL interface, plus the following bundled SQL components:

  • Interactive/SQL
  • ALLBASE/NET for distributed databases
  • ODBCLink/SE from M.B. Foster Associates for PC access
  • database administration and performance analysis tools
  • language preprocessors for C, COBOL Pascal, and FORTRAN

Product number Description
32653B HP IMAGE/SQL for 900 Series HP 3000 computers with the following options:
Opt. UA3 for use by 1 to 8 users
Opt. 0AF for use by 1 to 20 users
Opt. UA7 for use by 1 to 32 users
Opt. UCY for use by 1 to 40 users
Opt. UA9 for use by 1 to 64 users
Opt. UBD for use by 1 to 100 users
Opt. UAB for use by 1 to 128 users
Opt. UCN for use by 1 to 160 users
Opt. UAD for use by 1 to 256 users
Opt. UDW for use by 1 to 384 users
Opt. UAT for use by unlimited users


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