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Now, with the introduction of the new HP Driver for JDBC, Hewlett-Packard adds this important component to the MPE/iX Internet and interoperability solution.

The HP Driver for JDBC allows Java applications and applets to access data stored in IMAGE/SQL and ALLBASE/SQL databases on the HP e3000 platform. The HP Driver for JDBC capability is also available for ALLBASE/SQL on HP 9000 servers.


  • Full access to enterprise data - providing fast, scalable access to distributed business information from Java applications, applets, and servlets.
  • No client installation - a pure JDBC driver is automatically downloaded as part of the applet that makes the JDBC API calls. The HP Driver for JDBC is fully downloadable, minimizing installation and administration overhead.
  • Flexible deployment - users can deploy the HP Driver on any Java-enabled Web server platform via two-tier or three-tier application models.
  • Designed for Java environment - the JDBC APIs are available now as a standard part of the Java Developer's Kit (JDK) platform.
  • Database connections via URL - JDBC exploits the advantages of Internet-standard Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to identify database connections.
  • Full JDBC specification support - the HP Driver for JDBC supports complete implementation of the JDBC API specification, including interface, class, and SQL grammar.

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