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From an HP letter sent during October 2006 to HP e3000 customers, regarding a change in Support for Java/iX and Predictive functionality of MPE/iX FOS:

You are receiving this notification because you have a support contract which includes the MPE/iX Fundamental Operating System (FOS) product containing Java/iX and Predictive functionality. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the support for these components will change after December 31, 2006.

HP will no longer be able to offer sustaining engineering for Java/iX after December 31, 2006. As a result, HP will be unable to provide patches or fixes for new problems requiring modifications to the Java/iX source code. Existing patches will remain available from their current locations, and technical support for Java/iX will remain available from the Customer Support Centers through, but not beyond, the MPE/iX end of support date, December 31, 2010.

HP will no longer provide sustaining engineering or connectivity support for Predictive after December 31, 2006. As with Java/iX, no new patches will be created. Existing patches will remain available from their current locations and technical support from the Customer Support Centers will remain available to review Predictive's Action Summary Report and determine whether any intervention is needed, through, but not beyond, the MPE/iX end of support date, December 31, 2010. It will be possible for customers to run Predictive software on a stand-alone basis to continue event monitoring. To access details on running Predictive in standalone mode, please go to: http://www.itrc.hp.com and login to the ITRC. Search on keyword KBRC00017800. Please note that an active HP HW support contract is required to obtain a valid codeword needed to run Predictive standalone. You may obtain a valid codeword by opening a support call with the Response Center.

This notification concerns only the Java/iX and Predictive components of FOS. All other FOS components and other HP e3000 items currently listed in your support agreement are not affected by any change at this time.

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