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HP e3000 product roadmap summary

MPE and the e3000 have been faithfully serving HP customers for over 30 years. Since November 2001, when HP announced discontinuance plans for the HP e3000 and MPE/iX, HP has worked proactively with customers worldwide to help these accounts plan and order final upgrades, software, or accessory purchases. A number of HP and partner programs are in place to assist customers with transitioning to HP-UX 11i, Microsoft Windows, or Linux on other HP systems.

Although HP e3000 A-Class and N-class server and chassis upgrade sales ended in 2003, remarketed HP e3000 hardware is still available through resellers such as Client Systems and the open market. A-class and N-class conversion kits (to HP 9000s) are available through December 2006. Series 9xx and A/N-class user license upgrades are available through December 2010.

Numerous tools and pathways enable broad flexibility for customers planning a transition from the e3000 and MPE/iX. By stabilizing on the latest in hardware and software, customers can better maximize the value and usability of their HP e3000 environment before their actual transition, and also be better positioned for their move to HP Integrity, ProLiant, or other HP systems.

e3000 announcements and updates


As promised, HP has continued to provide enhancements and critical patch updates to MPE/iX in order to maintain the highest quality software products for our customers. In line with this policy, HP completed MPE/iX Release 6.5 Power Patch 5, Release 7.0 Power Patch 3, and MPE/iX 7.5 Power Patch 2. MPE/iX 7.5 PowerPatch 3 is available in July 2006.

A subset of HP e3000 software add-on products is still purchasable through September 2008. Those products are available through resellers such as Client Systems. Please note that Predictive/iX will not be available after December 2006. However, sites with Predictive can still run it on a stand-alone basis on their own. To access details on how to run it standalone mode, please go to http://www.itrc.hp.com and log in to the ITRC. Search on this keyword: KBRC00017800.

In 2003, the MPE/iX Networking team released a set of patches that upgraded the functionality of the host-based DTC management platform. This upgrade provided MPE/iX host-based DTC Management functionality that allows customers to migrate from PC-Based management to host-based with minimal disruption to their operations. The functionality provides expanded X.25 and PAD switching, security, and port functionality as well as support for configuring the DTC into a routable AFCP network. Please note: HP DTC hardware products arenot supported after 12/31/2006, but the DTC Software and SNA products are supported through 12/31/2008.

To aid in the migration from PC-based Management to Host-based management, two tools were created to provide a process to migrate a majority of the configuration of the DTCs to the Host-based configuration. One tool was created as an enhancement patch for the OpenView DTC Manager platform, to allow customers to migrate their DTC's configuration to the NMMGR configuration. The second tool merges the NMMGR PC-based configuration into the Host-based configuration migrated from the OpenView DTC Manager.

Storage Options

High performance and higher capacity embedded disk drives for the HP e3000 A/N-Class are available. These products provide the latest storage technologies and investment protection so that customers can continue to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently during their transition period.

HP has introduced new high performance 73GB 15K rpm and new higher capacity point 146GB 10K rpm embedded disk drives for the HP e3000 A-Class systems. New high performance 36GB and 73GB 15K rpm embedded disk drives for the HP e3000 N-Class are also available. External disk storage solutions include the DS2300 and the DS2120 SCSI JBOD enclosures that support Ultra320 SCSI mechanisms in capacities up to 300 GB.

For high availability configurations, the HP e3000 supports connection to the latest XP Disk Arrays, the XP10K and XP12K.

End of Support Dates for MPE/iX Releases

Support for the MPE/iX 6.0 release ended on October 31, 2002. Unlike MPE/iX Release 6.5, the MPE/iX 7.0 and 7.5 releases contain many performance and capacity enhancements for high-end systems and bundled tools for using the HP e3000 with the Internet.

The 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 releases will be supported through December 31, 2010.

HP e3000 transition program

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