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HP e3000 2010 Limited Support Extension FAQs

Q1: What level of support will be offered after December 31, 2008?

A1: HP will offer basic HW support until December 31, 2010. Starting on January 1, 2009, Software Technical Support Service (STS) will be replaced by a new service called Mature Product Support without Sustaining Engineering (MPS w/o SE).

Q2: What does MPS w/o SE provide?

A2: Customers can continue to access expert HP technical resources via telephone, electronic communication or fax (where available) for assistance in resolving software implementation or operations problems. Complex problem isolation, application of available solutions or workaround will continue to be provided. Under MPS w/o SE, HP will no longer provide Software Update Service (SUS). No new releases, new PowerPatches, replacement products, or patches, including patches for newly discovered security vulnerabilities, will be provided.

Q3: Will this offer be extended to all e3000 Customers?

A3: The focus of this Limited Support Extension is on Customers currently under support with HP. Basic HW support and SW MPS w/o SE will be available to Customers through December 31, 2010, with limitations based on regional capabilities, specific configuration complexities, etc. It is possible that, in some situations, HP may not be able to maintain this Limited Support through December 31, 2010 for specific configurations, or specific accessories and peripherals, or geographies.

Q4: Will I get a new contract reflecting the new December 31, 2010 date?

A4: Yes. If you have already renewed your HP support contract or are in the process of doing so, e3000 line items may still show a December 2008 end-of-support date. Please be assured that where appropriate, and at the first possible opportunity, HP will provide an amended quote with adjusted e3000 end-of-support dates for those products that fall under this extension. This will require an amended purchase order from you.

Q5: Is HP considering extending MPE/iX support beyond December 31, 2010?

A5: HP does not foresee HP e3000 end-of-support dates being extended beyond 2010 and Customers should plan their migrations accordingly. Any future considerations will be a based on Customer demand and HP’s ability to deliver high quality support.

Q6: Does this announcement mean HP is suggesting that Customers delay or postpone their transition plans?

A6: No. As mentioned, HP believes that the best course for Customers is to move as quickly as possible to newer HP platforms.

Q7: How is an HP Limited Support Extension beyond 2008 requested?

A7: Customers will have the opportunity to extend their HP e3000 support during their normal contract renewal processes. Customers who have already gone through the renewal process will be contacted with an amended quote for their consideration. Customers can also elect to contact HP directly to discuss their specific support needs.

Q8: Which MPE/iX releases will be supported?

A8: MPE/iX releases currently supported by HP -- 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 -- will be supported per the terms and conditions of customers' renewed support contract. Earlier releases are not eligible.

Q9: Are all peripherals and accessories currently supported on the e3000 systems going to be extended?

A9: Peripheral devices and accessories such as disk drives and network I/O are subject to their own EOSL dates and are independent of the e3000 limited support extension.

Q10: Will HP provide new patches for MPE/iX and/or its sub-systems?

A10: Patches will continue to be created in 2007 and 2008. As of January 1,2009, no patches or PowerPatches will be created. Existing patches will continue to be available through standard patch assessment and delivery processes.

Q11: Where can customers get additional information?

A11: Customers can find more information at: www.hp.com/go/e3000 or they can contact their local HP Representative.

Q12: If I need more than MPS w/o SE, what can I do?

A12: HP encourages customers with mission critical support needs and more complex migration issues to discuss them directly with HP or their HP e3000 solution provider. HP will work with individual Customers who cannot complete their transitions by the end of 2008 to explore structuring a Customer-specific support package to help address these support needs for a limited time while transitions to another HP platform are completed.
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