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HP e3000 & MPE/iX 2008 Support Extension FAQs

Support-Related Questions (October 30, 2006 Addendum)

Q1: What is going to happen with Java/iX support after 2006?

A1:HP will continue to provide support for JAVA, without Sustained Engineering, until 12/31/2008. This means there will be no new patches, enhancements, or changes made to the product after 12/31/2006. All existing patches will still be available.

Q2: Is Predictive supported after 12/2006?

A2:HP is not extending Predictive support for HP e3000 servers. However, it is possible for customers to run Predictive software on a stand-alone basis on their own. To access details on how you can run it in standalone mode, please go to:http://www.itrc.hp.com. Login to the ITRC. Search on this keyword:KBRC00017800. Please note that an active HP HW support contract is required to obtain a valid codeword needed to run Predictive standalone. You may obtain a valid codeword by opening a support call with the Response Center.

Q3: What is the status of the MPE/iX Professional certifications?

A3:HP re-instated the MPE/iX certifications in September 2006 due to customer feedback after expiration of the original certifications last year. If you are a certificate holder, you should have received a reinstatement letter from HP. For your information, there has been a title change to two of the certificates, below (but the benefits remain the same):

From: HP e3000 Technical Certification
To: Accredited Presales Professional (APP) -- HP e3000 Technical Certification.

From: MPE/iX System Administration Certification
To: Certified Systems Administrator (CSA) - MPE/iX System Administration.

Q4: I have an HP LineJet printer. Where can I go for continued support after 10/31/2006?

A4:As announced earlier, HP's End of Support Date for the HP LineJet printer is October 31, 2006. Beyond that date, customers can contact Printronix, a third party provider, to provide continued support or upgrades. The URL is:http://www.printronix.com/hp.aspx.

Support-Related Questions (April 4, 2006 Addendum)

Q1: Is HP considering extending MPE/iX support beyond Dec. 31, 2008?

A1:At this time, HP does not foresee HP e3000 end-of-support dates being extended beyond 2008, and customers should plan their migrations accordingly. While it is possible that some level of support may be extended beyond 2008 locally, it is also possible that situations may arise where HP will have to discontinue support earlier than December 31, 2008 on specific products and services. To help make these decisions accurately, HP will continually evaluate its capabilities to support the e3000 hardware and software products.

Q2: Will I get a new contract reflecting the new Dec. 31, 2008 date?

A2:HP Services contract administration systems will be configured to reflect adjusted end-of-support dates on the HP e3000 products covered under the extension. If you have already renewed your HP support contract or are in the process of doing so, e3000 line items may still show a December 2006 end-of-support date. Please be assured that where appropriate, and at the first possible opportunity, HP will provide an amended quote with adjusted e3000 dates. This will require an amended purchase order from you, and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Q3: Is HP extending Predictive support?

A3:HP is unable to extend Predictive support for e3000 servers. However, it is possible for customers to run Predictive software on a stand-alone basis on their own. To access details on how you can run it in standalone mode, please go to: http://www.itrc.hp.com. Login to the ITRC. Search on this keyword: KBRC00017800.

Support Related Questions (December 20, 2005)

Q1. Does this announcement mean HP is suggesting that customers delay or postpone their transition plans?

A1.No. Staying on the HP e3000 any longer than necessary poses risks which should be fully understood and evaluated by each company. It's hoped that this limited support extension will be an incentive to re-energize the completion of transition plans. For customers who will continue to rely on their HP e3000 beyond 2006, having a level of HP support may temporarily help some of them run their e3000s smoothly while implementing a transition to another HP platform.

Q2. What should customers expect in the future with regards to HP e3000 support?

A2.HP's intention is to assist those customers who need additional time to migrate. Extending HP support on a limited basis gives those companies more time to focus on their migration projects. The support options being made available in 2007 and 2008 are necessarily fewer than what will be provided in 2006. Also see A1 and A3 in the 4/4/2006 addendum, above.

Q3. Will this offer be extended to most e3000 customers?

A3.Yes. The basic support level extension will be available to most customers, with limitations based on regional capabilities, specific configuration complexities, etc.It is possible that, in some situations, HP cannot support a specific configuration or geography beyond 12/2006.

Q4. How is an HP support extension beyond 2006 requested?

A4. Basic level support customers should receive a normal support renewal notice, including software update services and basic (telephone) coverage, when their support contract is up for renewal during 2006. HP plans to work with customers with higher-level support requirements such as Mission Critical support to discuss their specific needs, and if desired, to investigate the particulars of a customized post-2006 support plan. Customers can also elect to contact HP directly.
Note: customers' recent support agreements may have referenced an end of support life date of 12/31/06. A process to update agreements automatically to take this extension into account is currently being implemented within HP. See A2 in the 4/4/2006 addendum, above.

Q5. Which MPE/iX releases will be supported?

A5.Only MPE/iX releases currently supported by HP -- 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 -- will be supported per the terms and conditions of customers' support renewal contract. Unsupported earlier releases, such as 6.0, are not included.

Q6. What are the support offers that will automatically appear at HP contract renewal time?

A6.Based on local capabilities, HP will offer at least hardware maintenance, software update services, and business hours software technical services on selected components. Additional services may be offered in some countries, based on their capabilities. If you require services beyond what is offered by HP, please contact your HP support representative to discuss those additional needs.

Q7. Will HP provide new patches for MPE/iX and/or its sub-systems?

A7.Patches will be created at the discretion of HP for the purpose of fixing critical defects, and will continue to be consolidated into PowerPatch releases.

Q8. What price will be charged for these support services?

A8. The price of these support services may increase, and could vary based upon regional differences.

Q9. How do e3000 accounts who are currently getting support elsewhere or customers without any support vendor request this extended HP support?

A9. HP welcomes customers to contact HP to discuss their specific situation.

Q10. Where can customers get additional information?

A10. More detailed configuration information will be available early in 2006. Customers who do not have HP Sales, Support, or Partner contacts should complete the HP e3000 support inquiry form located at: http://www.hp.com/go/e3000.

Source Access Related Questions:

Q1. How does the source access portion of this announcement help customers and third-party support providers?

A1. In the future, when HP no longer provides MPE/iX support, HP intends to license major portions of MPE/iX source code to qualified providers for the purpose of helping them support their customers. Providers may be able to use MPE/iX source code to investigate solutions, develop work-arounds, and create binary patches to solve customer problems. Licensing terms will be determined at that time.

Q2. How will HP determine when it is no longer practical to deliver HP e3000 support, thus triggering the limited release of MPE/iX source code?

A2.This will be a judgment call based on many factors. As always, we intend to make careful decisions to best balance customer needs, partner needs, and HP business interests.

Q3. For which releases of MPE/iX will source code be made available?

A3.At this time HP is considering delivering the source for the 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 releases of MPE/iX and, when possible, including the source to the latest set of patches for each release. These plans are subject to change.

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