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Leaving/Retiring from HP

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Retiring soon? Use the Leaving HP Action Planner to see what you need to do by then.   When you leave or retire from HP, you’ll need to make important decisions about your benefits.

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Whether you’re retiring soon, planning for retirement long term, or leaving HP for another reason, the information and tools in this site will help you plan to make key decisions and make it easy for you to take action.

Important Note: This site does not reflect special provisions that may be available to eligible employees through the 2012 U.S. Enhanced Early Retirement (EER) Program. For more information about the EER Program, see the EER Summary Plan Description, or see Frequently Asked Questions.

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Ending employment before retirement Retiring from HP Staying/Planning for retirement

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»  Continuing medical, dental, and vision coverage through COBRA
»  HP benefits resources and phone numbers (107KB, PDF) Tip: Print for easy reference
»  HP U.S. Benefits Summary Plan Descriptions
»  Legal information
Manage your HP benefits online
»  Your Benefits Resources™ (accessed through MyHPBenefits)
Manage your health, life, and AD&D insurance benefits (including retiree coverages), and your RMSA.
»  Fidelity NetBenefits®
Manage your retirement benefits, get a pension estimate, view 401(k) balances, manage investments, and use retirement planning tools.
»  Merrill Lynch
Manage your HP equity awards, view account information, model the value of your awards, and exercise your awards online.
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