Print security and HP solutions in four easy steps

HP can help secure your printing and imaging environment.

Your printing and imaging environment should always be as secure as your overall IT infrastructure. These four steps show how HP can help.

1. Secure the device

Implementing solutions that can help you defend your data at the printing source and reinforce simple but effective security habits. How can you secure your devices?

  • Physically secure your devices—Use a lock that requires a physical key for removal & disable physical ports to prevent unauthorized use. Choose devices certified as compliant with internationally recognized security standards. HP and TROY Security printers
    HP and TROY Security printers offer intuitive hardware features—including paper tray locks (keyed and keyless combination lock options) and shielding—to help control access to preprinted security paper and prevent theft. View HP and TROY Solution Brief, PDF 360KB
  • Control access—Require authentication & authorization for access to device settings and functions to help eliminate security breaches and reduce printing costs. Options include HP Access Control, PIN authentication, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol authentication, smart cards, proximity badges, and biometric solutions.
  • Remove data from retired hardware—Any sensitive information left in the memory could be exposed when recycling or returning obsolete or leased equipment and devices. With HP Asset Recovery Services prevent a breach by ensuring that the device’s hard disk is erased, destroyed, or removed upon retirement.

Learn more about HP Access Control Printing Solutions

2. Secure the data

Stored or in transit, your data requires constant protection. How can you secure your data?

  • Authenticate users—Protect data before it reaches the device tray. Use PINs, LDAP authentication, proximity cards, smartcards, or biometric solutions to help ensure that only authorized employees can access documents from your printing and imaging devices.
  • Encrypt print jobs to protect data in transit—Make print jobs nearly impossible to read if intercepted. Use embedded security settings on the device like IPSec to protect data traveling to or from devices, or deploy solutions like Secure Encrypted Print with HP UPD that can encrypt print jobs. Secure Encrypted Print with HP UPD Solution Brief, PDF 3.59MB
  • Use encrypted storage—Any sensitive data stored on a device’s solid-state drive or hard disk is potentially vulnerable to abuse. Choose devices equipped with built-in storage encryption or the HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk to help protect sensitive business information stored on your devices. Read the HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk white paper, PDF 147KB
  • Remove sensitive data—Storing data about completed jobs on your devices creates unnecessary risk of exposure. Use your device’s built-in capabilities to securely overwrite stored data, safely removing any sensitive information.

3. Protect documents

How many printouts are currently sitting on your printer tray? All too often, printing goes to waste or ends up in the wrong hands. How can you protect your printed documents?

  • Activate pull or push printingHP Access Control Secure Pull Printing reduces unclaimed documents and increases efficiency. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate with ease, and retrieve jobs when and where necessary.
  • Enable secure mobile printing—Ensure your mobile employees can print on the go with the same level of security they’d have if they were inside your network. Equip your team with HP ePrint Enterprise that enables secure printing measures such as pull printing and encryption.
  • Protect sensitive media—Equip your printers and MFPs with input trays that can be secured to prevent theft of special paper used for printing checks, prescriptions, or other sensitive documents.
  • Prevent tampering and alteration—Help protect high-value documents, such as checks, prescriptions, and other sensitive materials, creating a more secure, productive, and cost-efficient imaging and printing environment. Learn more about HP and TROY Secure Printing

4. Monitor and manage your imaging & printing environment

HP solutions can give you a clear understanding of your entire printing system - from security to costs. How can you monitor & manage the security of you imaging & printing environment?

  • HP Imaging & Printing Security Center is the industry’s first policy-based solution1 that helps you increase security, strengthen compliance, and reduce risk across your imaging and printing fleet. Reduce cost and resources to maintain fleet security by utilizing automated monitoring and HP Instant-on Security.
  • HP Imaging & Printing Security Best Practices is a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved checklist that HP created to guide administrators through important aspects of securing their HP devices. View HP Imaging & Printing Security Best Practices, PDF 5.31MB
  • HP Web Jetadmin or HP Access Control Job Accounting can help you track and record print jobs to monitor usage and audit printing practices, as well as control access for user groups and individuals in precise detail.
  • HP Managed Print Services - Let us manage it. We also offer full-service, no-hassle printing solution with one contract, one vendor, and complete security and printing.

1. Based on an HP assessment of printer manufacturer security offerings in market as of November 1, 2011.