HP Compliant Document Capture Solution for Financial Services

Simplify tracking and increase security of confidential and regulated documents.


Staying on top of the ever-changing regulations is challenging, time-consuming, and costly. The HP Compliant Document Capture Solution organizes devices, software, and services to provide a complete solution for capturing, archiving, and tracking sensitive documents and correspondence to assist you with regulatory needs. You can also reduce paper traffic for increased security, automation, and accessibility. HP’s network-based configuration can help you address regulatory mandates faster and more cost-effectively, and managing the changes in regulatory requirements from one central location is quicker and easier.

How does it work?

Financial Compliant Capture flow chart
  1. Forms and supporting documents for a transaction or account modification.
  1. Authentication at HP LaserJet MFP using proximity card, smart card, PIN or other.
  1. User chooses next action from list:
    • Fax or e-mail,
    • Select workflow and scan,
    • Send to network location, web or transitional storage.
  1. Audit trail records origin, time/date, image and destination of captured document Internal work teams.

Why choose HP?

A worldwide leader and trusted technology partner dedicated to improving business outcomes, HP offers an extensive portfolio of products, solutions, services and partnerships that can help empower financial services firms to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Free up capital for growth and innovation
  • Deliver solutions that improve customer service & experience

HP has a strong presence in the financial services industry, including more than 35 years of experience and deep industry domain expertise in banking, capital markets and insurance.