Optimized imaging and printing environment

Learn how your large organization can cut printing costs and reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Look to the HP's tools, services, solutions and products to help you achieve more using fewer resources and less waste.

The HP printing practice for large organizations can help you cut printing costs and help meet your organization's sustainability goals.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

  HP EcoSMART portfolio

The HP EcoSMART portfolio includes new HP EcoSMART Fleet and Console options that provide enterprise and SMB IT professionals with centralized access to printer settings, usage data and trend reports at both the fleet and device level. Users can implement changes on one device or across the entire managed printing environment to improve energy-efficiency, access recycling options, and track critical information that influences sustainability efforts.

  End-to-end solutions to streamline workflow, cut paper waste and lower cost

HP can help you improve workflows, reduce paper use, and ultimately, decrease your printing and imaging costs. HP solutions, including multifunction devices, allow you to speed document-based workflows, virtually eliminate the need for faxing, and lower the amount of paper your organization uses.

Scan, store and share documents digitally, using HP all-in-one and multifunction devices.

Reduce waste from misprinted, reprinted, and unclaimed print jobs by 10 to 30% using HP Pull- and PIN-printing user-authentication solutions, which allow authorized users to print and retrieve documents where and when they want.

HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing captures print jobs and stores them until the owner authenticates the print job, This reduces waste, increases confidentiality, and lets users retrieve documents where and when they want.

  Hardware designed to be energy efficient and easily recyclable

Reduce carbon footprint by managing and monitoring printing options at the device level with HP EcoSMART Console. Depending on your needs, you can set a customized energy experience using the embedded web server on the printer.

View HP Eco Highlights and product datasheets to learn more about the environmental benefits of HP products, services, and tools.

The HP Design for Environment program considers the impact of HP products across their life cycle, including materials and packaging, manufacture, distribution, energy use, and end-of-use management.

Choose ENERGY STAR-qualified HP printing and imaging products for greater efficiency compared with non-qualified standard models.

Create workflow efficiencies and save paper with HP multifunction products, which allow you to digitize documents with features including scan to folder, scan to e-mail and more.

  Expertise from the global leader in enterprise imaging and printing

HP has more than 25 years of experience with imaging and printing in enterprise environments. Our experts can show you how to put innovative technology to work to increase efficiency, make better use of equipment, conserve resources, cut energy consumption and reduce the amount of wasted paper in your organization.

Global citizenship has been a corporate objective at HP for more than 50 years. Today, it drives us to help customers lower their costs and environmental impact while reducing our own environmental footprint.

HP's commitment to environmental sustainability has earned us leading spots on a number of environmental organizations' and publication rankings. Learn more

  Tools to help you assess, manage and optimize your printing environment

Take advantage of free tools and expertise from HP that can help you meet your company's environmental goals.

Assess your printing environment with the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing, an easy-to-use online tool for measuring the carbon footprint of a single printer or your entire imaging and printing fleet. Watch an 8-minute overview video about the tool and how to use it.

Get a step-by-step process to reduce the environmental impact of your imaging and printing environment with the HP Green IT Action Plan for printing.

  Software that makes it easy to push energy- and paper-saving settings across your printing fleet

Find easy ways to reduce your company's environmental impact with HP software.

Reduce paper consumption with HP Universal Print Driver by setting double-sided printing as your fleet's default at the network level.

HP Web Jetadmin helps reduce waste across the printing fleet with unified control of the device settings that effect energy consumption.

HP Smart Web Printing is a free downloadable tool that can help your company reduce paper use by up to 45% when employees print from the web.1 It makes it easy to combine text and graphics from multiple websites in one document, saving paper by printing only what's needed.

  Services that propel your business and environmental efforts forward, efficiently and effectively

Reduce costs and help advance your company's environmental initiatives with the services that make up HP Eco Solutions printing practice.

HP Managed Print Services (MPS) is a suite of services to help your organization lower costs, save paper, reduce your carbon footprint, and streamline recycling and disposal. Pre- and post-analysis of some HP MPS customers' imaging and printing operations reveals energy savings between 30% and 80% and paper savings in the millions of pages.2

The HP Eco Printing Assessment--just one of HP's Imaging and Printing Assessment Services--can give you a road map for using less energy, recycling more and reducing the impact of imaging and printing.

HP can also help you retire your printing equipment that keeps the environment in mind. HP Asset Recovery and Trade-in and donation services can help you responsibly remove, reuse and recycle old equipment--even non-HP products--and could earn you cash for the resale value.3

HP Planet Partners program makes it easy to recycle HP print cartridges and any brand of IT equipment.4

1. In HP-commissioned independent testing, HP Smart Web Printing used an average of 45% fewer pages than the web browser's print command alone. Requires Internet Explorer 6.0-8.0.

2. Estimated energy and paper savings based on analysis of select HP Managed Print Services customers -- imaging and printing operations using data gathered on devices and paper consumption and comparing to post-MPS actuals or projections.

3. Asset donation programs are available only in the United States and Canada.

4. Available in select countries. For more information, visit: www.hp.com/recycle.