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The HP Printing Payback Guarantee
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Thank you for your interest in HP Managed Print Services and the Payback Guarantee Program. Your preferred HP Imaging and Printing sales representative has the details of the program, so call today!

If you do not have a preferred sales representative, please call HP direct at 1-800-282-6672, press Option 5, and reference the “Payback Guarantee” program when speaking with the representative.

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Viacom addressed all its output needs in an integrated way, while cutting costs and reducing its effect on the environment. With HP Managed Print Services and MFPs, they estimate slashing the energy used for printing by over 60 percent. They’ll reduce the number of pages printed by an estimated 12.5 percent, projecting savings of more than 10 million sheets of paper in just one year. And they cut the number of print, copy and fax devices by 50 percent, while centralizing device management with HP Software tools. Viacom expects to cut printing and copying costs by 20–25 percent* over three years.

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Anticipated cost reduction of 20-25% for printing and copying

Just as impressive as those expected savings: the speed of execution. Viacom’s transition to HP Managed Print Services was efficient—moving from idea to implementation in just ten months.

Energy used for printing estimated to be SLASHED BY over 60%

And CO2 emissions associated with paper and energy usage will be cut by an estimated 839,000 pounds.**

Expected paper savings:

Viacom anticipates trimming the number of pages printed by 12.5 percent.

Number of printer, copy and fax devices REDUCED 50%

By streamlining its fleet, Viacom’s output devices were cut by half.

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* The HP Managed Print Services Printing Payback Guarantee includes hardware, supplies, replacement parts, service and labor, repair costs, paper and kilowatt usage. You will receive a unique assessment tailored to your business. Paper and printing energy savings are estimates and results are dependent upon a unique business environment, HP products and services used and other factors. Overall printing costs are unique to each company and should not be relied upon for savings you may achieve. According to industry analysts, savings of up to 30% are typical with managed print services. **For complete details see www.hp.com/go/carbonfootprint

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