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Security for small and midsized business: Don’t take chances, take control


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By Susan Twombly, October 2009

If you worry about protecting your business from risks, you’re not alone. In survey after survey, risk management continues to emerge as a big concern for small and midsized businesses like yours.

Whether that risk comes in the form of downtime or a security breach, the loss of productivity, revenue and even customer confidence can be devastating.

Although these risks are top of mind, they often fall to the bottom of your to-do list because you don’t have the time or resources to address them. That’s why HP set out to make risk management easier and less costly for small and midsized businesses.

Whether you need a BladeSystem to help prevent downtime …a network that includes protection from the start … or management software and tools to help safeguard and backup your data and thwart attacks … HP has what you need to help you take control of business risk.

Our end-to-end approach to helping you defend resources and protect data also includes solutions from HP partners, pre-integrated to save you time and trouble – so you can focus less on risk and more on your business.

Slash downtime with an HP BladeSystem

When your systems are down, there’s more than productivity at risk. Profits are at risk, too, along with your reputation. To keep your business running, you need reliable systems that help deliver the high availability and rapid response you can count on.

That’s where HP BladeSystems come in. What’s a BladeSystem? Simply put, it's an infrastructure in a box (or enclosure), designed to increase reliability while you reduce risks and costs. And, it’s not just for enterprises anymore. In fact, we’ve created a BladeSystem that’s specifically suited to small and midsized businesses: The HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure.

The HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure is fully configured for simple setup.

The c3000 integrates server, storage, networking and power management into a single, affordable and easily managed solution – custom-built and shipped fully configured for easy set up.

With advanced self-monitoring and self-healing capabilities, automated fault isolation, built-in redundancy and failover, this BladeSystem can help lower your downtime risks. The web and email security features of McAfee Content Security software for the HP BladeSystem can also help decrease business disruption. It’s designed to filter out objectionable content from web traffic to help defend against known and unknown threats, and to help detect and block spam, phishing and attacks.

Easy management tools, designed for businesses with minimal or no IT support, can help you increase uptime and decrease management costs. For example, HP Insight Control software (available as an option) monitors system health and scans for vulnerabilities to help resolve problems before they interrupt your business flow.

The HP BladeSystem c3000 can be an ideal all-in-one solution for helping you keep your systems highly available, your IT staff and end users highly productive and your customers highly satisfied.

Give data protection and security a boost

If you’ve ever lost your laptop, you know the sinking feeling you can get when you realize your data is gone and possibly in the wrong hands.

Now, imagine the impact if you lost the data on your servers. Do you have a plan in place to retrieve it? If not, how long would it take you to get back to business and recover from the potential damages?

Just a few simple steps can help you enhance security, minimize the chance of data loss and speed recovery. Many HP offerings simplify data protection and security by integrating the features of both into one solution.

For c-series BladeSystems, HP StorageWorks Ultrium Tape Blades can help provide a data protection, disaster recovery and archiving solution for all data residing in the enclosure, along with enhanced security through hardware encryption.

You can also back up and replicate sensitive data using HP StorageWorks LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Tape Drives. Data encryption helps protect information, even if your tapes are lost or stolen.

HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System  is enhanced data protection, made

For data protection that’s made to be easy-to-use and affordable, choose the HP D2D Backup System with built-in replication and dynamic deduplication technology. Deduplication not only helps reduce back up and recovery costs, it spots duplicate disk backups that can eat up storage space.

HP Data Protector Express Software can also help provide encryption, backup and recovery for your file servers, application servers and Windows desktops – without requiring a systems expert.

And, here’s something for the peace of mind you need: One-Button Disaster Recovery. Embedded into HP tape drives and DAT autoloaders, this feature can help you get back to business fast if a failure occurs.

HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager can also help beef up security for back up environments using tape libraries or storage area network (SAN) switches. This solution helps reduce the risks of data breaches with identity-based access and centralized encryption key management.

Simplify and fortify network defense with HP ProCurve

Viruses and worms are equal-opportunity security threats: They don’t discriminate between large and small businesses. While the scale of your network security approach may differ from that of a larger enterprise, the fundamentals of defending your business from security breaches remains the same. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with the same complexities as the big guys.

With an HP ProCurve network and ProCurve’s ProActive Defense network security strategy, you can have a comprehensive, multi-level approach to network security – greatly simplified for intuitive use and easy management of both wired and wireless networks.

ProCurve’s ProActive Defense is a multi-level approach to network security.

HP’s ProActive Defense strategy employs a three-step ‘1-2-3 punch’ against threats to your business. It combines both offense (proactive, pre-admission access control) and defense (post-admission network immunity) measures simultaneously – automating protection, detection and response within a trusted network infrastructure

HP builds ProActive Defense security capabilities into its ProCurve hardware and software products, integrating many important security features into your network infrastructure from the start. As a result, you don’t have to spend more time and money buying separate security products or worrying about the risky security gaps between them that can still leave you vulnerable.

Take control now

Don’t take chances with your business. Find out more about these solutions from HP, and take risk by the horns today.

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